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Belated WIPmarathon Check-in No. 10

Last month I missed the check-in by a day. This month I’m late by almost a week with the WIPmarathon update. I’m blaming boxes and packing and general chaos in my life. Here are the stats…

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QUILTBAG Heroes and The Normal Heart

It’s been a long time since I’ve dedicated a Wednesday to a QUILTBAG Hero. Today I’d like to talk about not just one, but several of these heroes in the context of a film I watched last week and am … Continue reading

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Recent and Upcoming Events

I can’t believe it’s August already and that I go back to teaching tomorrow. The summer was amazing! Not only was it actually hot in Finland, but I had an amazing time at FinnCon and managed to finish writing the … Continue reading

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Friday Reads: Made of Stars

Sorry! I have been totally MIA recently with regards to blogging. I have a dozen excuses: summer, actual sunshine outside, lots of climbing, even more writing, laziness, reading great books… and it’s because of that last one that I need … Continue reading

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My visit to South Africa and all the awesome!

This time last week I was soaking up the mid-winter South African sunshine while it was snowing on mid-summer in Finland. Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful Jo’burg weather was so mild and that I got a slice of unexpected … Continue reading

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Pretty Peg Excerpt

Today I’m delighted to host fellow Harmony Ink author Skye Allen and her new novel Pretty Peg. High school senior Josy Grant already had plenty on her plate before she found the magic puppet theater her murdered sister left behind. … Continue reading

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We Need Diverse Books Because…

A major campaign for diversity in literature is happening right now! You can join the discussion by using the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. It’s a great initiative drawing attention to the lack of diversity across many genres … Continue reading

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L is for LGBT+

April isn’t only the month of the A-Z Challenge, but is also LGBT+ month. Part of the LGBT+ challenge is to read an LGBT book and get people talking about it so here’s my LGBT+ book review contribution…

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C is for Confusion, Gender Confusion

  Today I’m participating in the blog blitz of The Only Boy by Jordan Locke. It just so happens that this story is a about a boy who has to hide his gender from the world, a theme, which ties … Continue reading

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B is for Bisexual

  Bisexuality puts the ‘B’ in LGBT+ This gender identity means the person is attracted to both men and women. This is the sexual identity I ‘get’ the most since I firmly believe that love transcends gender and that our … Continue reading

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