Noble Beast to Publish Statisticity!

Last month, this blog hosted a guest post by author Yaron Glazer, who had just launched a Kickstarter for his project Statisticity, a dystopian sci-fi thriller set in Shanghai in the year 2084. I’m happy to announce that Noble Beast, an amazing new publisher of enhanced ebooks, is going to publish Statisticity. Noble Beast’s first title – Steampunk Holmes – is a beautiful creation, and one of the finest examples in this emerging new field of publishing. 

With the help of Noble Beast, Statisticity will incorporate maps, blueprints, technical schematics, character profiles, wikis, additional scenes, and illustrations – a host of features to enhance the reader’s experience and provide more depth to the work. There’s a short video introduction to the platform on the Statisticity Kickstarter page that should provide a good sense of how the finished ebook will look and feel.

There are now only 3 days left for the Statisticity Kickstarter. As you may expect from a technology provider trying to shake up a sleepy industry, Noble Beast is a startup – employee-owned and completely bootstrapped. That means the project will still need to raise money for all the incredible artwork that will go into Statisticity, which makes the Kickstarter that much more important. The more funds it manages to raise from supporters of the project, the more amazing the final enhanced ebook will be.

Richard Monson-Haefel, the founder of Noble Beast, had the following to say about the Statisticity manuscript:

“I’ve read the book and it’s fantastic. I personally think it’s going to win some coveted awards for Science Fiction writing, it’s so good. Nebula? Hugo?  Statisticity is one of those rare debut novels that takes the Sci-Fi community by storm.”

The enhanced ebook of Statisticity may prove to be a disruptive new entry in the sci-fi genre, but it needs a push to get across the finish line. Please visit the Kickstarter page and back the future of science fiction publishing.

What do you think of interactive ebooks?

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