Short Stories

Sunflowers and Barbed Wire Fences published by Static Movement in Road Trip anthology, September 2011, subsequently published by Abandoned Towers.

Vox Clamantis in Deserto published online by 365Tomorrows

*Darkness is Itself a Canvas published by Oysters and Chocolate November 2011

Tartarus published by Sounds of the Night February 2012

Escaping Scoria published by Roar and Thunder, 1 February 2012

J is for Johannesburg: Pyrrhic Victory published by Static Movement in their A-Z Cities of Death anthology, June 2013.

The World Beyond the Glass first published by Golden Visions Magazine in their Winter edition, 7 January 2012. (now defunct 🙁 )

Meddling with Dragons published by Kindling, February 2012.

Killing Jar Captives published by Earthbound Fiction in the Dark Stars Anthology. Available now.

The Ghosts of Ganymede published by Mad Scientist Journal. April 16, 2012.

In The Cemetery of Frozen Ships published by Cast of Wonders. Audio and text versions.

*Helotry published by Storm Moon Press in the anthology ‘Written in Flesh.’ 14 September 2012.

Where Dreams are Grown published by Niteblade. September 2012. (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2012)

Fox’s Fire published by Bumples children’s magazine, October 2012

Sciomancer published in Space and Time Magazine, Spring 2015

Ghosts in Me published in Reality Bites anthology by Green Wizard Publishing, April 13, 2013

*Devil’s Threesome published in I Do!? an LGBTQI anthology by ImageOutWrite, October 2013

F is for Finale published in ‘A is for Apocalypse‘ anthology, edited by Rhonda Parrish, April 2014 (Nominated for Pushcart Prize 2014)

Where Dreams are Grown (translated to Finnish) published in Tähtivaeltaja, 2014

The Machinery of Xmas published in Space Squid, 2015

U is for Unrequited published in ‘B is for Broken’ anthology, edited by Rhonda Parrish, 2015.

W is for Words published in ‘C is for Chimera’ anthology, edited by Rhonda Parrish, 2016.

How To Destroy A.N.G.E.Ls published in Charon’s Song, an anthology from Skolion, 2019.

The Order of Stolen Hearts published by Apparition Lit in the April 2020 ‘Transfiguration‘ collection.

*Explicit adult content