N is for Names


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic courtesy of The Broke and The Bookish allows us to choose a topic we missed out on so I’ve chosen one to fit with today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge: N.

The Top Ten Character’s I’d Name My Kids After

atreyuThis is a no-brainer for me. My almost-husband already knows that if we ever have kids, my first born will be Atreyu, named after the kid in The NeverEnding Story. Here is the complete list…


1. Atreyu from The NeverEnding Story

2. Griffin from A Party of Five (the 90’s TV series)

3. Taliesin from Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead

4. Jax from Sons of Anarchy

5. Cloud from the Final Fantasy franchise

6. Brennan from Canyons by Gary Paulsen

and Girls…

7. Nya from The Shifter by Janice Hardy

8. Daenerys from Game of Thrones by GRR Martin

9. Arwen from The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien

10. Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore

There you have it.

Which fictional characters would you name your kids after?

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  • Debbie Nance

    When I was little, I wanted to name my children Czechoslavakia and Yugoslavakia because I thought these were so beautiful.

    Jon and Ben are very happy I changed my mind.

    Here’s my Top Ten list of Top Ten lists!

    • Xaniver

      Hahaha indeed! I’ll only ever give my kids an outlandish name if it nicknames well, like Daenerys –> Danny 🙂

  • cds

    Ooo, don’t I feel smart–I did “Names” as well today! 🙂

    The most unusual of our children’s names is probably Naomi–and that’s not really an unusual name. At least so we thought, until we heard people struggling over its pronunciation! But I’ve often been surprised at names people will mispronounce. My parents names my younger brother “Ian” because it’s easy to spell and say. But outside the UK (OK, in the US), I’m amazed to hear people pronounce it “eye-an”!

    I think parents should consider spelling and pronunciation when naming a child–after all, he or she will be the one having to explain his or her name to her friends and co-workers for the rest of her life! But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose something a bit different. Indeed, one could argue that giving your child a name you think is beautiful, even if the spelling is a bit strange, and the pronunciation isn’t quite intuitive, is like giving your child a lovely, hand-crafted gift, made just for them.

    • Xaniver

      Oh yeah I’ve had this problem considering my Afrikaans surname. It is mispronounced everywhere outside of South Africa. And it’s not getting any better since I’m about to marry a Romanian and will end up with an even weirder surname. I’m kind of over the whole mispronunciation thing since it’s just part of life for us now 🙂

      That said, if we ever have kids, they’ll definitely get unique names but only as long as they can be simplified into easy to say/spell nicknames.

      • cds

        Two questions: 1) How *do* you pronounce your surname? And 2) will you keep “van Rooyen” for your career, but take your husband’s name in everything else (as many writers do), or change your professional name too? Just curious… 🙂

        • Xaniver

          1) It’s pronounced ‘fun rooi-jan’ and 2) yes, I’ll be keeping my maiden name for professional matters like writing 🙂

  • Susan Jensen

    Wow! Although I do like some of these (Griffin and Brennan, in particular), I’m very, very traditional when it comes to naming my kids. I didn’t want to stick them with some crazy/trendy name because they have to live with it for their whole lives. So, I’ve gone with conservative names that are meaningful because of who/what they represent. Interesting choices, though 🙂


    • Xaniver

      I love unusual names – within reason. Some of those celebrity names are just ridiculous but these fantasy names are just beautiful.

  • Ooh you are the second blog I have visited that chose this topic. Well done! Love, love LOVE all of the girls names, Daenerys especially!

    We chose to share our Favorite Places to Read this week on Harlie’s Books. Come on over!

    • Xaniver

      😀 I’m a huge fangirl for Daenerys 😉