O is for Officially Married!

I didn’t think I’d be this excited but I am. After almost six years of being with the most amazing man, we finally tied the knot this morning. Given that our friends and family are spread across four continents, we opted for a private court house ceremony that took all of 15 minutes. But it was lovely – we had candles and rings and love, lots of love and that’s all we need.

Me and my man :)

Me and my man 🙂

So it’s official – I am now a wife 🙂 Not that it changes much considering we’ve been living together for the past 5 years or so but it’s nice to upgrade my status from girlfriend to ‘weird French word no one can spell’ to wife.

I will be changing my name to something rare and Romanian, but I’m keeping my maiden name for all things writerly and will continue to publish as Suzanne van Rooyen.

Right, time for cake and champagne and celebrations…


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