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What was the best book you read in August?

It’s the end of August already? That month just flew by. I had to go and check my Goodreads account to see what I’d actually read this month. Turns out, quite a bit. There are three books tied for ‘best’ this month, although all three have their shortcomings.

My first John Green read ever. I loved the premise of this book and the fact that two authors wrote two separate characters. The voice of the characters is superb. The story itself kept me amused, curious, interested and annoyed the whole way through thanks to a cast of flawed characters that all had their own arcs. The ending absolutely destroyed this book for me. I wish it had ended a chapter before it did. Not sure who’s to blame, Levithan or Green, but that ending is truly saccharine and somewhat nauseating.





The title attracted me to this story. I just knew it would have something to do with Poe and I’m a huge fan of old Edgar Allan Horrible. While this book certainly isn’t shy of stereotyped characters (pretty blonde, cheerleader; brooding goth with dyed black hair; jerk jock boyfriend) the Poe element saves this story and elevates it out of the potential quagmire of high school set YA mediocrity. It’s a little long but the descriptive passages when the characters are in Poe’s nightmarish alternate reality are a real treat.





My second John Green read and I loved it. Great characters, great setting and some really superb, acerbic prose. Definitely a classic that should be on most teenage shelves. While I do find the male characters in Green’s writing to be a tad on the teary and melodramatic side, I still loved this story. I know this book has been banned and considered inappropriate for younger audiences, but I think Green handles first sexual fumblings rather well. As for the swearing and under age drinking, I’m sure that’s a fairly genuine depiction of modern teenage life.



Read anything outstanding in August?


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