RTW: Seasonal Writing

This Week’s Topic is: 

How does your writing (place, time, inspiration) change with the seasons?

This is a tricky question. I had to sit a think a good while before coming up with an answer. I’m still not convinced the seasons have a tangible affect on my writing. If they do, I might just not be aware of it.

Winter is dark and cold but pup loves the snow and I love ice skating so I tend to get a lot more in the depths of winter than I do in autumn. Considering the holiday season and the exuberance of the Christmas Spirit, winter can sometimes be less productive writing wise because life often gets in the way of my daily word count.

Spring can be windy, dry and dusty. Three reasons to stay indoors at the computer. Productive season.

Summer. The Finnish summer is as brief as it is glorious and the long days demand my presence outside. I don’t get as much writing done in the summer because I’m usually in the park with pup and kindle enjoying the sunshine. It’s a much needed dose of Vitamin D so to hell with the word count.

Autumn – my least favourite time of year.

I detest Finnish autumn. September is manageable. The trees decked out in rust and copper make the incessant rain and grey skies somewhat tolerable. By October most of the leaves are on the ground and the days are noticeably shorter and the skies are an even darker shade of grey. If November rolls around and there’s still no snow on the ground, it takes monumental will power to stay put and not pack my bags for sunnier climes.

Autumn is miserable and wet. It’s weather for staying inside curled up with a good book – even if it’s a book I’m currently writing myself. Autumn is better for my writing than it is for my mood although finding the motivation to get out of bed and sit behind my PC can be challenging.

As for where I write? At my desk in my study. I battle to write outside my comfort zone. Even having to move half a metre to the right to sit at my boyfriend’s PC while my computer recovered from a motherboard crisis absolutely decimated my daily word count.

I try to write every day but I tend to write the best and most when inspiration strikes. I write as my muse commands, wherever I may be. I have typed up some sentences on my cell phone while at gigs or others excursions for later incorporation into the WiP or a stand alone short. I’ve also been so desperate as to scrawl on serviettes or on the back of receipts.

Regardless of season, I endeavour to write as much as possible, to keep my muse happy and my myriad characters content.

So how do the seasons affect you?

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