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What’s the Best Book You Read in November?

November was a slow reading month compared to the number of books I devoured in October. There were, however, two books out of the four I read, that deserve mentioning.

Blood, She Read by Sara Hubbard is a great paranormal YA. I really enjoyed this story a lot more than I initially thought I would because this book has what many other YA books, especially in this genre, seem to lack: a real, believable, relateable mother-daughter relationship. That’s not to say there’s isn’t a tumultuous relationship but I loved that this dynamic took centre stage. There’s a liberal dash of romance in this story, which really isn’t usually my cup of tea, but Hubbard writes with sly humour and a genuine affection for her genre that made this a really enjoyable read.

The other book I read isn’t YA but I’ve been dying to read it and it was as brilliant as I thought it would be…

The Kings of Cool by Don Winslow is the prequel to his novel – turned Oliver Stone film, Savages. I loved Savages (book and film) and devoured this prequel in two sittings. You’ll either love the style and self-aware narrator, or you’ll hate it. I loved the intricacy of the backstory woven around the three main characters: Ben, O and Chon. This is not a book for the delicate of sensibility however, as the violence is graphic, the language foul and the character pretty unapologetic for their hedonistic lifestyles. Still, a thoroughly entertaining read.

What were your best reads of the month?

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