Computer Death

I apologise for being MIA this weekend and missing my normal features from Friday. On Friday, my computer came to stuttering halt and has since been relegated to the scrap heap. In other words, the motherboard is cooked and I’m waiting on a solution.

Friday was not a good day. Having recently expounded on the awesomeness of Scrivener, I happily compiled 25 chapters into one single document. It failed. Catastrophically. I ended up with almost 700 pages – a sentence per page – and had to manually edit these pages in a desperate attempt to backup files as my PC shuddered and shook towards its demise.

Having managed to back everything up to Dropbox, I didn’t mind the death rattle wheeze as my PC expired. I hopped onto our other PC and logged into Dropbox only to discover all my backups had failed. At this point, I was feeling exceedingly unhappy with the world.

After a day of stress and not being able to write or get any work done which led to extreme frustration, I knew it would all be made better by seeing my long time favourite band Placebo live in concert. We were late, discovered at the last minute the gig was at a different venue than we thought (best to actually read the ticket) and rushed into town for the gig only to be told by a smiling man in neon yellow that the gig was cancelled because Brian Molko had a sore throat. The only redeeming part of my horrible day destroyed by a sore throat!? (Still waiting to hear if they’ll manage to reschedule the concert)

That evening ended with vodka and cake.

The rest of the weekend was actually fairly spectacular because for once, the sun shone and the temperature stayed in double digits so we had a spectacular day out in the Archipelago with pup. Monday morning and the reality is that my PC is buggered and that using the other PC at home disturbs my writer’s chi: wrong set-up, wrong keyboard, wrong lightning, wrong view, wrong media player, no music play lists etc. I’m not really complaining because at least I can write today, but it makes me realise just how important my writer’s cave is and how disastrous it is to disturb my set-up.

Here’s some music to soothe the savageness of Monday:

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