Pets as Characters

sickI am one of the most miserable sick people I know. I rarely get sick and when I do, it puts me in a foul mood – not only because my head hurts, I can’t breathe and am generally feeling groggy but also because it impedes my daily routine. Yet, I am writing through it and I think I actually feel better sitting at the PC than lying down. 

Since I am sick and miserable and feeling sorry for myself as I reach for yet more tissues, today’s blog post is going to be less detailed than usual.

Please see below for an abundance of cute. This is my one year old shiba inu, Lego. Lego is the most awesome dog in the world and he knows it, he never lets you forget that he is in fact a royal shiba. He commands attention wherever he goes, basking in the affection and cooing chorus of ‘daw, he’s so adorable.’ Shibas are known for their stubbornness and quirky character. Lego has the shiba ‘tude in spades. But he is also the sweetest most playful critter I’ve ever known and truly brightens every day, even days when I am sick and just want to be left alone. His persistence paid off and he managed to get me on the floor for a play session despite my clogged nose and pounding head. He is that cute.

Lego astounds us everyday with his antics and regularly has us in hysterics with the strange little things he does (of course they’re perfectly logically to his shiba brain, and we, lesser beings, simply cannot comprehend the awesomeness that is the shiba). He has finally made his way into a book and is an auxiliary character in my WiP. Now, whenever I hit a wall in my writing, I can write a scene about Lego (named Glitch in the story) and the story starts to flow again. I highly recommend writing pets into your WiPs. They can lighten the mood, bring a ray of sunshine to the world and allow for a moment of humour in even the darkest of post-apocalyptic tales.

I’m now going to make myself more tea… Enjoy the pictures!




























Do you have pets? Do they ever appear in your stories?

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