Halo of the Damned

Today I welcome author Dina Rae, telling us a bit about her recent novel Halo of the Damned.

Dina Rae is a new author that is here to stay.  As a former teacher, she brings an academic element to her work.  Her research on the Yezidi religion and love of art inspired her story telling for Halo of the DamnedHer other novel, The Last Degree, is a fictionalized account of the Freemason’s role in the New World Order.  Dina’s grandfather was the Most Worshipful of his lodge.  The subject has always held a personal interest.
Dina lives with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs outside of Chicago.  She is an avid reader, tennis player, movie buff, and self-proclaimed expert on conspiracy theories.
Her favorite authors are LaHaye & Jenkins, Dan Brown, Preston & Childs, Stephen King, Brad Thor, and Anne Rice.
(Biography and photo from the author’s website) 

Halo of the Damned

In my recent novel, Halo of the Damned, I used research about the ancient Yezidi religion (spellings vary).  The Yezidis originated from northern Iraq.  The religion spread throughout the Kurdish community, eventually making its way into Europe.

Yezidis worship angels, especially Malak Tawas (spellings vary).  The peacock symbolizes this angel who many believe to be Satan.  Malak’s story in the Koran matches the same stories in the Bible and Old Testament about a rebellious angel who wages war with a third of all of God’s angels against God and the remainder of angels in Heaven.  Once defeated, God sends all of them to Hell.

Yezidis believe God created Malak first, before all other angels, in His image, therefore he is also God.  They also believe the world was first created as a pearl.  Their holy books are Black Book and Book of Revelation.  Their afterlife ideas are vague, but lean towards reincarnation.  I found the religion fascinating and used it as part of the plot.

You can find Halo of the Damned at the following outlets: Eternal PressBarnes and Noble and Amazon

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