RTW: IRL Conversations about YA and other Acronyms

This Week’s Topic:¬†

What IRL people can you talk to about YA?

To be honest, I don’t like this question because the answer is pretty much no one. I do chat to my mom about books (across all age groups) and that’s great but we’re over 3000km apart so our contact is still Internet based. The only other person (my sister-in-law to be) I could chat to and enthuse over YA titles with is also over 3000km away ūüôĀ I miss our intense discussions¬†about Jace and Clary’s dubious relationship in Cassandra Clare’s series, the demons’s sense of humour in Jonathan Stroud’s works and why Meyer found it necessary to make her vampires sparkle.

I wish I knew more YA readers/writers I could chat to over a cup of coffee at a local hang out, but that doesn’t seem likely here.¬†Although, since it’s official and I’m trading my central Finnish lake-side lifestyle for the big city life in Helsinki, I might be able to find a writer’s circle that’s willing to discuss works in English.

How about you? Who are your IRL YA BFFs?

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