RTW: High School Dances

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It’s almost prom season, and since we love to read and write about teenagers, we want to hear your prom stories!

In South Africa (where I grew up) we don’t have a ‘prom,’ we have a series of dances from grade 10-12. The first major dance (at least at my all girl’s Catholic high school) was called the Debutantes Ball, or Debs Ball. To this event, every girl had to wear white. My mom made my dress – an awesome medieval inspired number and I took a good looking boy I met at ballroom dancing lessons to the dance. I had a major crush on this kid with dimples and bright green eyes, but alas it was not meant to be.

For grades 11 and 12 there is one dance, the Matric Dance. The grade 11s are in charge of organising the dance, from theme to decorating, catering and clean-up, and as a reward are allowed to attend. I did my decorating and clean-up duty but skipped the actual dance.

My Matric Dance I attended with another friend from the ballroom and latin studio where I danced. Being uber goth at that point, I draped myself in black lace and had my hair done in medieval style corn rows for the event. The dance itself was enjoyable, although given my partner’s penchant for samba and jive, I probably should have reconsidered the straight skirt gothic attire.

At my school, the girls tended to go overboard with their dresses. One girl wore a diamante encrusted number and spent most of her night bawling in the bathroom because her date stepped on the hem and ripped the $1,500 creation. Another girl went commando under a sheer yellow gown sporting a spray on tan. Only, she wore a g-string during the tanning session so instead of inconspicuously not wearing any underwear under her dress, she ended up with very obvious g-string tan lines. Silly girls. They ruined their nights before they even began.

While others zoomed off to after parties, my friends and I headed for pancakes at the totally awesome little joint called The Cats Pyjamas.

And that’s it.

Do you have any interesting high school dance stories to share? 
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  • Liz Parker

    Your dresses all sound awesome. Are there pictures?

    • Suzanne_Writer

      Thanks 😉 There are but I don’t think any are digital sadly :/ I should really scan them before I lose them all.

  • Crystal Schubert

    Matric sounds a lot like our prom, actually. And that poor girl with the g-string line, lol. That was a bad decision.

    • Suzanne_Writer

      Yeah it was. Poor girl, trying to be super sexy and looking rather silly for her troubles.

  • Amber Lee

    A $1500 dress for a teenager. That’s crazy!

    • Suzanne_Writer

      Yes it is. Hers wasn’t the most expensive in the history of my school either. My dress was awesome, virtually unbreakable and cost all of $100 🙂 and I’ve worn it since several times!

  • Geez, for $1500 I’d have hoped that girl would’ve gotten to wear that dress more than once!

    • Suzanne_Writer

      Don’t know if she ever did. Only know she spent most of her night crying because it was broken, saying her mom was going to kill her 😛