RTW with YA Highway: Wanderlove

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In honor of the release of Kirsten’s WANDERLOVE yesterday–which is amazing, by the way; get yourselves to a bookstore if you haven’t!–we bring you a travel-themed RTW prompt today! If you could wander anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

This is a tough question. I’m a bit of a nomad. At the ripe old age of 25 I’ve already lived on three continents and visited numerous countries. Having grown up in South Africa, endured life in arid Perth, Australia as well as the darkness and cold of my current home in central Finland, I’m not afraid of travelling to strange places and getting off the beaten track.

In fact, I’ve already done this with a rather interesting trip to the remote and rural Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway

I’ve also been to Iceland, Russia, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, and Sweden. Later this year I’ll be heading to Ireland and then to Germany. I get around (the joy of living in Europe) and I love travelling. This makes choosing just one place I’d most like to travel to incredibly difficult.

To be honest, I’d travel just about anywhere if someone else was paying 🙂 Some of my Must-see places include Greece, Morocco/Tunisia, Croatia, Thailand, China, Japan, USA – all of it!, Canada, Faroe Islands, Tahiti, New Zealand, India… geez, this list is endless! And having just seen JOHN CARTER, I’m even more convinced I should have stuck with wanting to be an astronaut and heading off into outer space. If I had pots of money I’d be heading for a holiday on the Space Station or the Moon!

Despite my affinity for northern climes, I’ve always wanted to experience a tropical holiday. I recently discovered the wonders of French Polynesia thanks to a Yahoo article. Those islands are beautiful and might disappear rather too soon given the changing climate conditions, so I better get there soon. As beautiful as those islands are, there’s just something about the Caribbean that appeals to me.

One day, I want to sit on a white sandy beach sipping a pina colada listening to a steel drum band playing in the background while I stare out at the azure sea. Somewhere like Trinidad. See that palm in the picture? The patch of pristine white beach just beneath it is MINE!


Of all the wondrous places to see on this globe, where would you choose to go?

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