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F is for Fear of Rejection

Faar of rejection if something we all live with, but if you want to be a successful author, you have to overcome this fear. After months, even years, of working on a novel, authors then have to show their work … Continue reading

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E is for Exercise

Today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge is E, E for Exercise! One of the problems with being a writer is the inevitable bum-in-chair syndrome. Hours spent at the computer may result in a hefty word count but can also result … Continue reading

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When Emotion Becomes Too Much

While we all read and watch movies/TV to be entertained, my prerequisite is emotional engagement. I want to feel something. I want to become attached to a character, to go through what they go through and feel the ups and … Continue reading

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A ‘New Adult’ Dilemma

This past week, I dived into a new novel. I did my preliminary research, sketched a rough outline, sketched more detailed character outlines, and started writing. While at first my idea seemed great and my characters awesome, I hit a … Continue reading

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