Release Day Blitz: REVENGE by Paula Rose


Fire the confetti canons! REVENGE by Paula Rose releases today!!


Revenge by Paula Rose
As a job coach, it’s up to Olivia Foster to ensure her clients work in a safe environment, understand their positions, and serve their employer’s mission. The death of her brother drives her career choice, and she loves her job. It remains her only focus until one of her autistic clients goes missing. Then Olivia’s employer ends her position and adds her to the suspect list, but she makes plans to bring the missing young man home.
Meanwhile, Detective Lt. Phillip Landon is deep into second-guessing his career choice, but his well-honed instincts see major flaws inside this missing person’s case. Surprising contacts, mysterious happenings, and threats can turn deadly. Can he keep Olivia safe, protect his heart, remove the job coach from someone’s target list, and adopt a faith he never knew all while adjusting to the new lives of his old family?




Author Bio:
Paula Rose provides inspiration through Christian romantic suspense stories where “average” families come into extraordinary situations, brushed with life-size strokes of reality and a touch of humor. Born in Philadelphia, she lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband and rescue kitty but often plays amateur photographer in both states.

Author Links:


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YA Author Beck Nicholas on her Writing Process…


Today I’m delighted to welcome fellow Month9Books author Beck Nichols to Off the Page to chat about her writing process and her new book, Lifer!

Take it away Beck… Continue reading

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Belated WIPmarathon Check-in No. 10

Last month I missed the check-in by a day. This month I’m late by almost a week with the WIPmarathon update. I’m blaming boxes and packing and general chaos in my life. Here are the stats… Continue reading

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French Kissed Release Day Blitz


FRENCH KISSED by Chanel Cleeton

December 1, 2014
International School Book 3
New Adult Contemporary Romance


On the surface, Fleur Marceaux has it all. If only the facade matched reality. With one year left at the International School in London, Fleur’s struggling to graduate, her love life is a mess, and she can’t stop thinking about Max, her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. But all that pales compared to the blackmailer determined to destroy her. ??

There’s a social hierarchy at the International School and Max Tucker is outside the velvet ropes. After watching Fleur break his friend’s heart, Max knows to stay away from trouble, despite the crush he’s had on her since freshman year. But when they’re partnered on a project, Max learns there’s more to Fleur than meets the eye, and she just might be worth the wild ride. ??

The more time they spend together, the further Max falls. And when a kiss awakens a passion Fleur never imagined, she’s unable to resist Max, who she had thought was all wrong for her but might be the only thing that’s right. But will he stand by her when her secrets are revealed???

Don’t miss the final book in the International School series. This New Adult romance is recommended for readers 17 and up.

TeaserSept30 copy

FRENCH KISSED (International School Book #3)
Barnes & Noble:

I SEE LONDON (International School Book #1)
Barnes & Noble:

LONDON FALLING (International School Book #2):
Barnes & Noble:

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I noticed her perfume before I saw her. It smelled of flowers, and money, and seduction in a scent I’d never smelled on anyone else. Likely never would. It figured she’d have a signature perfume or something like that. And then I saw her, and like always, it took a moment to adjust to her beauty.

She was almost too beautiful. Maybe that sounded stupid, but there wasn’t another way to describe it. It was like that moment when you first turned on a light, and it was so bright that it was nearly blinding—and not in a good way.

Fleur wore her beauty like a weapon, slicing through mere mortals with a careless arc, leaving destruction in its wake.

She could do with some imperfections—her nose a bit bigger, her lips less full, her hair less shiny. Something, anything to make her look like a real person.

Anything to make wanting her ache less, to ease the thrust of it that left me completely skewered.

I would have understood my attraction to her if I’d been one of those guys who got off on being with a hot girl. I mean, sure, I could appreciate a Maxim spread as much as the next guy, but looks had never been my primary motivating factor. Was it nice to have something pretty to look at? Absolutely. Did that get boring after a couple minutes? Yeah, it did.

If all of my past girlfriends had one common denominator, it was that they were all smart—a little nerdy, like me. I fit with the kind of girls who liked sci-fi movies and video games. Chill girls who didn’t spend an hour doing their hair and makeup or own more pairs of shoes than there were days in the month. And yet, as Fleur slid into the seat across from mine, apple in hand, my pulse picked up and everything else stood at attention.

About the Author:

Originally a Florida girl, CHANEL CLEETON moved to London where she received a bachelor’s degree from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Chanel fell in love with London and planned to stay there forever, until fate intervened on a Caribbean cruise and a fighter pilot with smooth dance moves swept her off her feet. Now, a happily ever after later, Chanel is living her next adventure in Asia.

Law school made Chanel realize she’d rather spend her days writing sexy stories than in a courtroom, and she hasn’t looked back since. An avid reader and hopeless romantic, she’s happiest curled up with a book. She has a weakness for handbags, her three pups, and her fighter pilot husband.

She is the author of I SEE LONDON and LONDON FALLING, published by Harlequin HQN, the upcoming FRENCH KISSED, and FLIRTING WITH SCANDAL, the first book in a new three-book series to be released by Penguin/Berkley in 2015.

Author Links:


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Fractured Glass now available for Pre-order!!


Fractured Glass is a YA Sci-Fi Novel Anthology unlike any other. It was written by 5 different authors who came together to give you 1 amazing story.

Blurb -

What if other worlds existed alongside your own? What if you could travel through them and truly escape reality?

Sloan and Harley Glass were born moments apart; but, despite their differences, the sixteen-year-old twins couldn’t be closer. They’ve held their tongues each and every time their mother has uprooted them—often moving across the country with little notice. They’ve learned to accept change. But what is Mom running from?

They discover they’re travelers—half-descendants of those who can traverse an entire universe of parallel worlds known as fractals. When the past catches up, Harley is kidnapped and taken to one of those distant worlds. Now, Sloan must garner her courage and find a way to rescue her sister. Traversing the worlds isn’t the hard part; it’s surviving the elements and the creatures lying in wait to destroy everything in their path.

Will the Glass sisters be able to save the fractal worlds from the kidnapper, or will everything fracture and crumble around them?

Pre-Order Link

~ Amazon ~

Find the authors Facebook pages here…

Jo Michaels ~ Tia Silverthorne Bach ~ Casey L. Bond ~ Kelly Risser ~ N.L. Greene

Get to know the characters…


Calix is dark and sexy. He’s a product of cross-fractal species breeding, and no one knows his true age. There’s one thing everyone knows: Diego is insanely jealous of Calix spending time with Sloan. Everyone wonders what it is the man is truly after, but he’s not talking, and he has possession of Sloan in the fractal universe.


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All about Tethered Worlds by Gregory Faccone

“It’s really good. Highly imaginative, complex, detailed and multi-layered.” -Kevin Miller, Filmmaker & Author

Jordahk Wilkrest doesn’t think he’s special. The backwater world of his birth has only known peace in his lifetime, and the war is bygone history. Far from its centuries-old stalemate line, Jordahk’s interest is collecting war era technology called “mystic.”

Suddenly, political corruption and the people’s own complacency opens a dreadful door, literally. Their way of life will be no more as the enemy assembles their giant transporting machine in orbit. The Wilkrests valiantly resist, but are unable to thwart the enemy’s designs on land or in orbit. Jordahk is forced to leave his wounded parents and go off-world with his stiff grandfather. They venture far into the dustbin of human space looking for war-era help.

Now Jordahk finds out his family line is a lot more special than he ever knew. Their quest leads to dangerous mystic technology– controllable only by a select few. It’s a wild ride for Jordahk, who has to come to terms with abilities he never knew he had… and their consequences. Can his new shady crewmates stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to overcome the enemy? They must if Jordahk’s parents and his homeworld are to stand any chance.

Specially Priced at $0.99 for four days only, November 27-30!



And now I’m delighted to hand over to Gregory so he can tell us more about that stunning cover! Continue reading
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Cover Reveal – Grit of Berth and Stone

Today Anaiah Press is proud to present the cover reveal for Lisa Dunn’s YA fantasy novel GRIT OF BERTH AND STONE. And now for the cover… Continue reading

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Into the Blind Trailer Reveal

BOOK TRAILER REVEAL: Into the Blind by Helen Rena

Today I’m handing over to Helen Rena to discuss her new book INTO THE BLIND… take away Helen!


Hi, everyone! Today I’m super excited to share the book trailer for my new YA urban fantasy Into the Blind. It’s been a lot of work, and I hope so much you will enjoy it.

A little about Into the Blind


Fifteen-year-old Ever is blind. Only able to see what her boyfriend, Fox, looks at, which is most often herself. But sometimes it’s also the muscled men who kidnapped Ever and Fox, and sometimes it’s an unused mall in New York City where the two teens are locked up until they’ll come into the paranormal gifts for which they were stolen. Having spent years in this mall, Ever is ready to do anything to escape.

Not so with Fox. Yes, he longs to escape too, but there’s one thing that he values above his freedom. It’s Ever’s love. Still, when the two get a chance to escape, they take it, only to discover that this chance is so dark and twisted that it just might destroy Ever’s love for Fox.

And now for the long-awaited trailer…

Thanks for watching!!!

Into the Blind is available on Amazon.

And please do get in touch on Facebook or Tweeter or just drop me a line through the contact page on my website.

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The Last Stored – Trailer Reveal

The Last Stored by Sonia Poynter

Surge, Anaiah Press


After the sudden death of her parents, making it through the day is a struggle for Amber Megan Peel. In the midst of her grief, an exquisite bird perches on her garden fence and shows her visions of a vivid landscape and a dark lord slouching upon a throne. She thinks the visions are tied to her sorrow. But when a boy flies through her kitchen window to tell her she’s the Last Stored, she wonders if she’s just lost her mind.

Cree of Din is tasked with one job: Bring Amber home. For seven years, Cree has trained as her protector and it is the ultimate responsibility. Failure means Amber’s certain death, and that’s not an option for Cree – especially since he’s falling in love with her.

The Returning has begun. Now all Amber and Cree have to do is enter Tali, a world of unimaginable splendor and equally unimaginable horror, and defeat Lorthis. If they can’t, not only will Tali plunge into darkness, but so will Earth.

Release Date:

January 6, 2015

…..and now…for THE LAST STORED trailer!



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Anaiah Press:


Author Bio:


Sonia Poynter is a homeschooling teacher, an active youth volunteer, and a writer.  She grew up traipsing through the thick woods of Kentucky often getting lost in the magic of the forest. The woods inspired her heart and her father and mother, a Kentucky Colonel, cultivated her love for storytelling. For Sonia every day is an adventure, providing her with an endless parade of eccentric characters and vivid worlds. Currently, she lives in the sleepy community of Pittsboro, Indiana, with the love of her life and God has blessed them both with three amazing kids.


Author Links:







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Cover Reveal for The Vessel Trilogy

Double Cover Reveal for Juliette Cross!


The Vessel Trilogy Book 2

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: April 21, 2015


Sin can look an awful lot like heaven. Continue reading

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