WIPmarathon Check-in No. 20

It’s check-in day and this time I remembered! :)

I am in a very weird, liminal space right now with my writing, so I don’t really have any stats to show. This month I’ve been working on third round edits for Scardust and I’ve just handed back final copyedits. It’s terrifying to hand over a manuscript knowing that no further changes can be made to it.

I haven’t actually done any writing. I’ve been developing a new story idea, currently still very much in the research and construction phase with only about the first 5 chapters plotted out. I am actually attempting to do a proper plan this time and will not start writing until I’ve got a reasonably fleshed out synopsis.

Writing Issues This Month:

None, since I haven’t been writing 😛 but there’s a lot going on right now that has kept my mind horribly pre-occupied and unable to really get fully inside a new story world.

Things I learned this month:

1. There’s no pleasing everyone. No matter what you write and how you write it, someone somewhere is probably going to take issue with it.

2. Writing is terrifying for all kinds of reasons, some I’m only really beginning to understand now as I’m about to see my fifth book published.

3. I need more wine.

What distracted me this month while writing:

All the things! Work mostly – which has been awesome but all kinds of demanding so most of my energy has gone into my teaching job with very little left over for writing. It’s okay, I love my job, but it is making me re-evaluate my entire approach to writing and where to go career wise.

Goal for next month:

Write something. Even if it’s only completing the synopsis for my new story idea. More than that, who knows.

Last 200 words: I got nothing – sorry.

That’s it for September, how did you do?


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Writing Wednesdays! A Weekly Update

So I’ve completely failed to keep up with these ‘weekly’ updates. It’s not for lack of writing but rather the other aspects of my life keeping me super busy.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been going through the final rounds of edits on Scardust. We’re almost there! And I’ve got a release date now FEBRUARY 8th!! Which feels both painfully far away and excruciatingly close, so I’m working rather furiously on the last of my edits for this book.

Other than that, I’ve also received CP feedback on my YA fantasy novel and have been tweaking that into shape. The ms is looking good :)

Lastly, I have been doing lots of thinking but not much writing on a short story that was due a month ago. Yup. I’m that far behind but hopefully today will see the completion of this story.

On top of all of that, I’ve been getting back into the swing of teaching, which is equally awesome and challenging. Every day I’m amazed by just how much I love teaching music.

And lastly, the saddest news for our household and something that has resulted in many sleepless nights and emotional days… :( it seems we may have to return our new dog to her previous owners :( Things were going well, but now that she’s settled in, she’s started attacking our older dog, Lego. For anyone who knows anything about me, you’ll know Lego is my most cherished fur-child and having to constantly leap in to prevent this new girl from tearing out his throat is taking its toll on all of us. Bleg. I get all choked up just writing this… but Lego’s well-being and our sanity has to come first. We just cannot cope with the stress so back she’ll be going this weekend *sobs uncontrollably*

That’s what’s been happening in my world. How’s life treating you?

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Heir of Koradin


Dagger of Willow and Strike has waited a lifetime to return to the village of his birth. He’s been promised the throne of Koradin, but getting captured by his treacherous sire wasn’t part of the plan. Dagger needs a miracle to turn his childhood dreams into reality—And Grit of Berth and Stone might be that miracle.

Unfortunately for him, Grit’s stuck in the rival village of Thresh, and she’s in way over her head. Having bluffed her way into commanding an army of incompetents, she’s useless to Dagger if her new recruits don’t learn the right end of a sword. To make matters worse, Dagger’s sire seeks Grit’s life, and there’s no telling when he’ll return to Thresh to finish what he started when he killed her dame.

But freedom calls through shifting alliances, and neither Dagger’s disillusionment nor Grit’s doubt can keep the armies of Koradin and Thresh from war.

Anaiah Press





Excerpt: First chapter available on our website http://www.anaiahpress.com/Koradin.html

ALSO READ The First Book of Chasmaria: Grit of Berth and Stone by Lisa Dunn

Review Snippets from Book 1: Grit of Berth and Stone:

Grit does not fit into any of our modern stereotypes and I love that.”

Grit’s world is well-crafted and revealed to the reader through the story telling with just enough details to understand the world and story and to keep you intrigued and guessing about what is coming next.”

This book will definitely keep your attention and your thoughts long after you’ve finished.”

End of Tour Author Facebook Q&A: Thursday, August 27, 9-10 p.m. EST

Lisa Dunn-Author PhotoAbout the Author:

As a child, Lisa Dunn fell asleep to her father’s fanciful bedtime tales and played with her own stories during the daylight hours. She now resides in a small southern town with her husband and four children. Local librarians thank her for their job security.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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The Soul Stone by Jamie Merchant

Today I’m pleased to welcome Jamie Merchant to the blog, chatting about how her book The Soul Stone came to be published.

The Soul Stone front cover

How The Soul Stone Came to Be Published

by Jamie Merchant

Getting a 178,000 word novel published is not an easy feat, but it was the one facing me with my first novel,The Goddess’s Choice. The ubiquitous “they” say that a first novel can’t be over 100,000 words. Personally, I love long novels. If it’s good, the longer the better, but the economics of publishing have turned against the long novel. Still, I had cut the novel down as far as I could without ruining it. It started out at 320,000 words.

I began by trying to find an agent because an agent is almost absolutely necessary to get published by the Big 5 publishers. However, I had no luck in doing so. The agents who bothered to respond almost all told me that the book was simply too long.

I decided I had a choice between self-publishing and looking into a smaller publisher. I didn’t want to self-publish. Although some excellent work is self-published, there is a stigma against it because too many people self-publish work before it is ready. Too often, self-published work hasn’t even been properly edited, let alone had the plot and characters fully developed. So I decided to send out to smaller presses. Very quickly Reliquary Press replied with an offer to publish the book. I was overjoyed. My first novel was going to make it to the public.

However, there was a very important thing about small presses that I didn’t understand. They have little budget for promoting your work. Most of the promotion must be done by the author herself. Unfortunately, no one, including the publisher, had told me this, and I sat back and waited for it to sell. It didn’t. Eventually, I realized that if it was going to sell, I was going to have to do the work. I got busy, and more copies sold.

By the time I finished The Soul Stone,my second novel, I didn’t want to submit to the same publisher, but I believed that since The Soul Stone was a sequel to The Goddess’s Choice, no publisher would take it. Even though The Soul Stone can stand on its own and doesn’t require prior knowledge of The Goddess’s Choice, I believed, wrongly as it turns out, that no one would be interested in the sequel if they hadn’t published the original. I was convinced that I would need to self-publish.

My husband was against the idea and insisted that I had no way of knowing if a publisher would accept it if I didn’t try. To appease him, but having no hope, I submitted the manuscript to several small press and got three offers. I choose to go with Black Rose Writing because they had the most support for the author in promotion. The author still needs to do most of the work (something that any aspiring writer needs to realize), but Black Rose helps to guide the author in what to do.

Getting a book published is not easy, but if you take time to perfect the work and grow as a writer, it is possible. My advice to any other would be not to self-publishing too soon. Make sure you have truly produced the best work you are capable of before taking it to the public, for they are more than capable of recognizing shoddy work and holding it against you.

About The Soul Stone:

The Crown Princess Samantha and Sir Robrek struggle to solidify their rule in the aftermath of the king’s murder and Duke Argblutal’s attempt to usurp the throne. They are thwarted at every turn by those who seek power for themselves and desire to prevent their marriage. Just when they think their problems are solved, a deadly curse begins to spread throughout Korthlundia and Samantha becomes pregnant.

Samantha must fight off priests, enemies, and her closest advisors while Robrek discovers the reason the goddess chose him as king, to defeat the Soul Stone, a stone capable of sucking the soul out of its victims, which threatens to obliterate all life in the joined kingdoms. Their archenemy, the Bard Alvabane, awakens the Soul Stone and plans to use its power to reclaim Korthlundia for her people (a people driven out over a thousand years ago by the hero Armunn). Armunn had to sacrifice his life and soul to contain the Soul Stone. Will Robrek have to do the same? Will the young couple have only a few short months to love each other?

Black Rose Writing | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

About the Author:

From early childhood, Jamie has been immersed in books. Her mother, an avid reader, read to her, and her older sister filled her head with fairy tales. Taking into consideration her love for literature and the challenges of supporting herself as a writer, she pursued a Ph.D. in American literature, which she received in 1998. She started teaching writing and literature at Auburn University. But in doing so, she put her true passion on the backburner and neglected her muse. Then one day, in the midst of writing a piece of literary criticism, she realized that what she wanted to be doing was writing fantasy novels. Her muse thus revived, she began the book that was to becomeThe Goddess’s Choice, which was published in April 2012. The second volume in the series, The Soul Stone, was released this June.

She lives in Auburn, Alabama, with her husband, son, and four cats, which (or so she’s been told) officially makes her a cat lady. She still teaches writing and literature at Auburn University. Her short fiction has been published on Short-Story.Me, and my story was chosen for inclusion in their annual anthology. It has also appeared in the anthologies—Urban Fantasy (KY Story, 2013) and Of Dragon and Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds (Witty Bard Publishing, 2014)—The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and Bards & Sages.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter Goodreads

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Labeled Love Blog Tour

Title: Labeled Love
Series: Labeled Series #1
Author: Danielle Rocco
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: August 6,2015
I was twelve years old when I met him. I guess you could say opposites attract. We didn’t know it then. Or maybe we did, but we didn’t care. It’s not easy growing up in Los Angeles. Well, for me it was. But, not for him.

I’m a Hollywood girl born and raised in the business.
I have everything I’ve ever needed 
and only wanted him.
Is it possible to find your forever love when you’re thirteen? Maybe not for most, but I did.
I’m just a boy raised in the pits of Los Angeles.
I have nothing
and only ever wanted her.

Worlds apart
Miles away
It would only be her
It would only be him
Labels never defined us
But will they tear us apart

“One of my FAVORITE reads of the year and I don’t say that lightly. I love how this story begins at the “beginning” and we follow it all the way through in realistic and thought provoking way. The characters are easy to fall in love it. And yeah…” ~ My Book Boyfriend

“I am blown away this is Danielle’s first book, she absolutely has an amazing talent and I feel privileged that I got to experience it. The emotions and the “feels” she brought out of me was extraordinary!” ~ Sugar Shack Book Blog

“I’m completely in AWE over the raw emotions these characters bring out in me. I’m not one to read YA Romances very often, but boy what I’ve been missing in a truly mesmerizing fairytale of love.. ” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

I glance at him while twisting my lip up in amusement.”She’s the only one that makes me that way.” He rolls his eyes at me, pushing me toward the girl that makes my hear beat. I can feel it the closer I get to her. As our eyes lock, she stands up and starts walking toward me. She looks so damn pretty. Long, dark, wavy hair, bright blue eyes, and the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen wraps her arms around me. It’s comfort, it’s familiar, and it’s the best fucking feeling in the world.

It’s home.

Her embrace is all I need. Even over the smell of the fire, her intoxicating scent is around me, invading me to the point of surrender. 
I don’t want to let go of her…
I could try to think of a bunch of exciting things to say about myself, but really I’m just a Mom who has stayed home raising my four fabulous kids. How did I become a writer? Well, when you have a house full of teenagers and all their friends at the house all day, you find plenty of inspiration. I’m married to my junior high school love, who still swoons me just as much as when we were fourteen years old. I love to laugh, swoon, daydream, and watch scary movies. Spending time with my family and friends is my idea of a perfect day and getting lost in a book is part of my bliss. My debut novel Labeled Love is just the beginning of my writing journey. Happy reading!


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Chameleon Blog Hop

Chameleon Releases Today!

CHAMELEON Domino Project Front with Text 2

“Wow! A fast-paced, science fiction delight with fabulous action, a seamless world, and the most unique characters I’ve read in a long time.” Elana Johnson, Author of the Possession Series.


An Interview with K.T. Hanna

What did you find most useful in learning to write?  What was least useful or most destructive?

I found reading books, and reading the work of others to be the most helpful thing ever. In reading for critique, I find I’ve learned the most. It makes me examine the words and set it apart from a reading dislike to “there’s something not clicking with that prose”. Seeing faults in other’s writing helps me pinpoint them in my own, and I feel it makes me far stronger for it.

Least useful? Critique partners who aren’t flexible. By this I mean: They have their view of the way things work – like how the (not your) writing process works, how querying works, how everything has to be a specific way. While this works for them, it’s not good for others, and if you listen to it and believe it without finding your own way first, it can be very destructive.

Every writer has scenes that get cut in the process of editing. Are there any of these you wish you could have kept?

Actually, I had cut one, and reinserted it this time around. There was just such an emotional punch in it that is a vital part of Sai’s character, I just felt it needed to be there. Other than that, there are probably about 3 or 4 scenes that were cut and are better covered in other ways in the book. So no, I don’t miss any of them.

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play Sai? Dom? Bastian?

I’m very odd when it comes to this question. I neither contemplate this, nor do I want to. I have this vision of my characters in my head (of which Sai and Bastian on the cover are better than I dreamed), and I don’t see anyone out there who IS them. Probably because, in my head, my characters are alive to me. And therefore there is no one who can be them, because they are them.


How do you attack editing? Is it harder to edit your own work or someone else’s?

It’s much more difficult for me to edit my own work than someone else’s. I need to take a few weeks at least between writing/editing and editing/another editing pass. Basically – if I have distance, then this gives me perspective. It’s what makes it much easier for me to edit someone else’s work. I can step back and look and ask myself why this isn’t working, why this passage pulled me out of the narrative etc. And then I can make suggestions to fix it.

I can’t do that with my own work, because the narrative is in my head. I love editing, but I think I love editing other people’s work more.

How has interning for an agent impacted your writing?

Actually – it’s been fantastic. It’s enabled me to look at my writing and that of other people in a whole new light. It’s also helped me be more ruthless when I do edit. And it gives a bit of insight into how the market functions, and how to recognize something that might be a hit.

Sadly, it also makes me realize that I’ll probably never hit one of those market highs with anything I write, lol.

Day or night?


Cats or Dogs?

Both. Cats are easier though. Can I say Corgis?

The Blurb:

When Sai’s newly awoken psionic powers accidentally destroy her apartment complex, she’s thrown into an intensive training program. Her only options are pass or die.  

Surviving means proving her continued existence isn’t a mistake–a task her new mentor, Bastian, takes personally. Her abilities place her in the GNW Enforcer division, and partners her with Domino 12, who is eerily human for an alien-parasite psionic hybrid.  

After eliminating an Exiled scientist, she discovers nothing is what it seems. With each mission more perilous, Sai must figure out who to trust before her next assignment becomes her last.

Available at:

Amazon |  KoboiBooks | IndieBound

If you’d like a signed physical copy, Watermark Books has them in stock.


We’re having a blog hop, and an e-card & mega swag Rafflecopter giveaway!

The blog hop stops are noted below. Each day has a different theme and you can find out about the process, the idea, and the evolution of Chameleon, and even a bit about K.T. by visiting each blog, when their posts go live.

4-Aug 5-Aug 6-Aug 7-Aug 10-Aug
Fun facts about the book What I learned writing Chameleon Author Interviews The world of Chameleon The Evolution of Chameleon
Manuel Soto Marlo Berliner Leatrice McKinney Rebecca Enzor Patricia Lynne
J Elizabeth Hill Stacey Trombley Dawn Allen Sharon Johnston Bex Montgomery
E.L. Wicker JC Davis Suzanne van Rooyen Mandy Baxter Madelyn Dyer
Jessie Mullins Andrew Patterson Heather Rebel Jessica Therrien Carissa Taylor
Emma Adams Lady Jai Elyana Noreme Kendra Young

I’m giving away e-cards of your choice from B&N, iTunes, & Amazon – one to the value of $25, and three to the value of $10! Each prize includes a swag pack of a magnet, sticker, bookmark, postcard, and mousepad!

Just follow the options listed on the giveaway and you’ll be entered!full swag pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

Me Squared

KT Hanna has a love for words so extreme, a single word can spark entire worlds.

Born in Australia, she met her husband in a computer game, moved to the U.S.A. and went into culture shock. Bonus? Not as many creatures specifically out to kill you.

When she’s not writing, she freelance edits for Chimera Editing, interns for a NYC Agency, and chases her daughter, husband, corgis, and cat. No, she doesn’t sleep. She is entirely powered by the number 2, caffeine, and beef jerky.

Note: Still searching for her Tardis


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WIPmarathon Check-in No. 18

July has been a weird month. It seemed to go so slowly and yet I can’t believe it’s almost over. Since I’ve been on summer holiday, I actually managed to get a pretty decent amount of writing done.

Last report WC for YA fantasy: 83,414

Current report WC for YA fantasy: 84, 615

Writing Issues This Month:

None really. I got stuck into the edits for Scardust at the beginning of the month and I managed to get them done a little ahead of schedule which gave me the rest of the month to tackle revisions on the YA fantasy. The fantasy is definitely not perfect yet, but edits for Scardust are back with my editors and the revised fantasy ms is now with my CPs so I don’t really know what to do with myself at the moment…

Things I learned this month:

1. Something I knew already, but editing is my favourite part of this process. While working through Scardust was emotionally draining, I also loved it because the book is definitely much better for the changes made.

2. Fantasy is hard! Every time I return to work on my ms, I realize how important all the details are and that getting those little details right require quite a bit of research.

3. Sometimes a lack of decent summer weather isn’t a bad thing if it means I stay inside and write :)

What distracted me this month while writing:

I guess technically edits distracted me from doing any actual writing, and technically revising the fantasy novel completely derailed my plans for writing the short story that’s due in August.

Goal for next month:

Write that short story I should’ve already written! August is also when I’ll be heading back to work and I know that’s going to be chaotic and intense at first, so I’m no putting any pressure on myself to get much writing done.

Last 200 words: I’m dying to share some of the more polished scenes from Scardust but I can’t yet and the last 200 words from the fantasy are way too spoilery so I’ll just have to skip this part this time…

That’s it for July, how did you do?

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The Scion by Guy T Martland

The Scion by Guy T Martland

Release Date:

July 1, 2015

The Scion cover

The aliens from your nightmares are coming. The colonies of Earth are next. And it looks like nothing can stop them.

A blue star, a dying friend, a kidnap and the dusty contents of an old room: Septimus Esterhazy’s life is about to change. As he blows cobwebs from the manual of an old spacecraft, hidden for decades, a Pandora’s box creaks open.

Little does he know that the universe’s very nature is being threatened by a powerful alien race. Nor does he know that he is somehow involved with why the Wraith, destroyers of worlds, are coming.

The self-proclaimed ‘Protectors of the Known Universe’, the Sassrit, are trying to do everything they can to thwart a Wraith attack. But time is running out and resources are stretched.

A Sassrit agent, one of the shapeshifting Jarthiala, is recruited to help. The path he follows leads to the doorstep of a planet called D, an Earth colony, above which a blue star hangs, its light reflected in the eyes of Septimus below.

This is a journey which will change Septimus Esterhazy forever. It will make him question his nature. He will uncover secrets about his family that have lain dormant for years. And it will test the loyalty of those closest to him.

But first he has to watch his best friend die.

Book Links:

Safkhet Publishing

Buy Links:

Amazon | Amazon UK


The swirling, towering clouds of black which had gathered on the horizon didn’t look right. A writhing movement within them suggested something else, something more organic than a simple weather pattern. Bolts of lightning flickered from the cumuli, lightning that seemed to harness the entire colour spectrum: red one minute, purple the next, then an iridescent green. The light was reflected in the eyes of the onlookers on the shingle beach ridge, who cheered as one of the first warships roared overhead, heading into the fray.

Khail’s fear had escalated to a level where it was now numbness at the back of his mind. He knew better than most what these creatures could do. He’d seen their devastation first hand. But it was only now, standing on this beach and seeing them with his own eyes, that he knew it meant the probable end for Arkenthria. As if to mark this thought, the warship was hit by a sheet of lightning and exploded. A gasp of shock rippled through the crowd. The ensuing ball of fire arced onto the broiling sea, flames dancing over its surface until they were eventually extinguished by the waves.

His fellow Arkenthrians watched aghast as the eldritch cloud continued its approach unabated. Khail wondered how many actually knew what this was about, how he and his team had brought this upon them all. Would they be standing next to him in solidarity if they knew? The images of the mangled spacecraft – those that had made it – limping back to their planet had been broadcast to every home, as had the ceremonies for those lost. And then the images of the creatures which had done this, images that had struck terror into the heart of the planet, had filled their screens. The research on the creatures since the first attacks had been widely publicized: Khail’s department.

They’d gathered to face the oncoming disaster calmly, in unison, in a defiant although probably futile gesture. His wife stood to the left, his arm draped over her shoulder. She watched, eyes glued to the horizon. His two boys stood on either side, slightly confused by the adults’ strange behavior.

A blind man stood nearby, a priest, kissing the hands of the devoted in a final act of absolution. A strong gust of wind caught the man’s robes, flapping them around his thin body, before his tail whipped out to flick them back into place. Someone next to him then began to jump around in a spontaneous dance, a man from the local hippy commune. Nearby acolytes began to copy his motions, crunching around on the stones.

Khail shook his head, overcome with a desire to laugh. His scientific thinking was at odds with these people’s thoughts, sometimes even at odds with his wife’s more ‘spiritual view’ on life. He tried to contain it, but something inside burst, deep rolls of laughter booming out of his barrel chest. As people turned to look, his wife instinctively nudged him in the ribs. Her desire for them to fit in at such a time seemed to him more inappropriate than his outburst. But he stopped himself, the laughter replaced by a wave of sadness which crashed down, smothering everything. He turned around to look at the other faces, most of whom were staring ahead, waiting for the end, as they solemnly watched two more of Arkenthria’s prize warships get swatted out of the way of the incoming clouds.

Mixed emotions still ran through him when he thought of the strange man, the alien Huwred. He could hardly bring himself to think of his name – if that indeed was his name – but found himself looking up into the heavens, willing him away from the planet, hoping he’d escaped. There were bigger things afoot here than Arkenthria, this Huwred had made him see that. There was a whole delicate tapestry out there, mysteries woven into its fabric; mysteries that he, Khail would now never see. At least Huwred had shown him that, and had shown him how important a part he’d played in the whole thing. He’d just been too late to save his own planet, to save Arkenthria.

The clouds started to approach with greater speed as they scudded across the ocean, but the perspective looked wrong. The sun remained hidden in the overcast sky, a faint bright blur in their cover. As they approached, they ceased to be clouds and became an edgy swarm: thousands of black winged creatures, swirling around with a furious energy. Their wings and talons were clear, but their torsos were blurs of darkness, hurting the eye when it tried to focus. People on the beach began to wail, plaintive sounds that seemed to carry the basest human emotions in their tone. The cries of a small child rose in reply, clearly oblivious to what lay ahead, but detecting the growing unease of the surrounding adults. Those who’d started the crazed dancing stopped abruptly.

Part of the cloud burst forward, expelling a shard of coloured fire, which flickered as it tried to hold onto reality, before crashing into the ocean. The impact caused the sea to swell and rise, a wall of water coursing toward the pebbled shore. To Khail, everything seemed to slow, as fear put a brake on time. More buds broke off from the swarm, issuing similar evanescent bolts of flame. Groups of the creatures descended from the heavens, attacking the beach directly.

The sky turned dark as the Wraith swooped over them. The wind ceased, and there was a sudden hush across the water. Then an impression of sound, rising in volume: the clattering of the creatures’ wings, like bones being crushed in an ossuary. Khail closed his eyes, held his head back as the sea exploded onto the beach. He felt a wing glance his cheek and pulled his wife and sons tighter to him. Searing pain scythed across his back and he was thrown forward, his wife and sons torn from his grip. He saw a black talon and glimpsed a blurred, cowled head, mucus dripping from its angry maw. A black flash of pain, followed by the water cracking like a whip, then seconds later, Khail was gone forever.

Space moves inexorably slowly. On its wide canvas, one hundred and twenty six years pass in an instant. And then, in the vicinity of a planet called D, a blue star blossoms into life. At almost exactly the same time, perhaps separated by a few milliseconds, something similar happens in a nearby system. Above a planet called Sanrelick, the natives look up and see a heavenly body bursting into existence, its wavelength the same. However, unlike the inhabitants of D, for those on Sanrelick, this event is something they’ve been expecting. And for some of them, it may be the defining moment of their lives.

Guy-martlandAbout the Author:

Guy T Martland has been writing Science Fiction since he was a teenager. The flow of adolescent words was interrupted by a medical degree at Trinity College, Cambridge. He subsequently qualified and then became a pathologist, because he had a thing about cells and microscopes.
Guy’s stories have been published in various places, including Noesis, Xenos, Lexikon, Jupiter SF, Bento Box and Albedo 2.0. He is an alumnus of the Milford SF course. He has also occasionally been known to publish poetry.
He lives in Bournemouth, close to where Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and a few miles from where Mary Shelley is buried. Also living under the same roof are his fiancée Darya and a grumpy Scottish fold cat called Gordon.
At 6’8″ Guy is one of the tallest Science Fiction writers in the world. He can sometimes be seen riding around Bournemouth and Poole dressed in unfashionable fluorescent clothing on an extremely large bicycle, which has been likened to a gate. On Friday evenings he usually scrapes away at a 19th century fiddle with a local orchestra, before going to the pub to sink a few pints of Boondoggle. His collection of vinyl records is extensive, and he has a Cure T-shirt for every day of the fortnight.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Writing Wednesdays – A Writerly Update


#WritingWednesdays is a weekly blog hop/meme where we writers tell the world how all the writerly things are going. It’s a way for us to self-motivate and cheer each other on. Since I missed last week again (I’m terrible at this) I’ll fill you in on the last two weeks.

1.  I finished edits on Scardust – woo! This was an emotionally draining endeavour but I’m thrilled with the editorial direction this book has taken and I really do think it’s a much better book for all the edits.

2.  I started major revisions on the 83k word YA fantasy novel. This is a behemoth task. This story world I’ve created is complicated and trying to keep it all in my head just wasn’t working, so I created multiple spreadsheets detailing everything: magic, burial rites, languages, style of dress, style of fighting… yeah, there’s a lot to remember. There’s also a lot of research required to get all these details right.

3. When not writing, I’m researching: everything from the ecosystems found in Africa’s volcanic lakes to kukri fighting techniques to how gendered pronouns are or are’t used in Indo-Aryan languages. I’m kinda loving it, but I have a new found respect for fantasy writers, because this is some epic hard work people!

My goal for the week is to continue revisions on the YA fantasy – which currently has many working titles! Maybe you can help. Which title would make you want to pick up the book most:

1) Impundulu
2) The Lightning Bird
3) Of Light and Shadow
4) The Keeper of Memory

How has your writerly week been going?

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Waiting-On-2016 or #WO2016 is a support group for authors of MG, YA and NA books releasing in 2016. We are a diverse group of indie and trad published authors who have come together to support each other and help spread the word about our titles. You can follow us by following the tag #WO2016 on Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be hosting some themed chats on Twitter and will probably be hosting future events on Facebook too, so watch this space!

In the mean time, I’d like to introduce you to all our currently participating authors and their 2016 releases. Be sure to mark your calendars people, there are some fantastic books heading your way next year!


Megan O’Russell
The Dragon Unbound
The Tethering Series
YA Urban Fantasy
Silence in the Library

Jessica Gunn
NA science fantasy
Curiosity Quills Press

Katie Kennedy
Learning to Swear in America
YA Contemp – sci-fi cross-over

S.T. Bende
Perfekt Control
The Aere Saga series
Upper YA paranormal

Vicki L. Weavil
YA science fiction

Dorothy Dreyer
My Frayed Eternity (working title)
Reaper’s Rite series
YA dark paranormal

Melanie McFarlane
There Once Were Stars
YA dystopian

Pintip Dunn
The Darkest Lie
YA contemp thriller
Kensington Teen

Amy McNulty
Nobody’s Lady
The Never Veil Series
YA romantic fantasy

J. C. Davis
Cheesus was Here
YA contemp

Emily Cox and Nicole Allen
Magic 8
YA contemp
Swoon Romance

Stacey Mosteller
NA contemp
Swoon Romance


Tobie Easton
YA contemp fantasy

Louise Gornall
Rose Tainted Skies (working title)
YA contemp

Suzanne van Rooyen
NA science fiction

Lauren K. McKellar
NA contemp

Emma L. Adams
YA fantasy

Jennifer Bardsley
Blank Slate
YA spec fic

Bethany C Morrow
The Last Life of Avrilis
YA spec fic

This list will be updated as new authors join us or as new deals are struck! Follow our hashtag and be the first to hear about cover reveals, trailers, teasers and more! 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for books :)

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