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What to do with Unexpected Inspiration

Once again, I’ve tossed in a WiP in favour of a shiny new idea. This happens all the time so it actually doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. What does come as a surprise, however, is the bolt of inspiration … Continue reading

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RTW: Wells of Inspiration

This Week’s Topic: When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?

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Metal Fests as Inspiration

Every year around June/July, Helsinki turns black as hordes of metal heads descend upon the Finnish capital for the annual hard rock music festival Tuska. While this is a great opportunity for listening to some epic bands, it’s an even … Continue reading

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Random Filler Thursday

Alas, again I have no guest posts scheduled for today, so here’s a music video to entertain in the absence of more literary content:

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RTW: Images of Inspiration

YA Highway Roadtrip Wednesday: Today’s Question What images inspire / represent your WIP or favorite book?

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People Watching With Faye

Welcome Faye – reader, reviewer, aspiring writer, and people watcher. Faye is twenty-one years old and is currently studying film and television at university. She lives in Norfolk, UK and while she has never had a book published, it is … Continue reading

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