Tja Sverige!

We survived the move, managed to finish all the unpacking on Christmas day, and have stumbled upon Viking runestones pretty much in our backyard.

20141220_113218On our first walk through the surrounding countryside, this was the view that greeted us. I wasn’t really sure what that shiny yellow thing in the sky was considering it had been almost a month since we’d seen the sun in Finland, but in Sweden we’ve only had one cloudy day since we’ve been here! Feels miraculous for this time of the year. This photo also shows a tiny sliver of the cultural reserve our house backs onto. Here there are Bronze Age and Viking artifacts including the remnants of Viking settlements, a very old Viking cemetery and several runestones. We’ve only just began to explore this area!

20141220_120713This is our little house – an old-style wooden building in typical Scandinavian fashion replete with vegetable patch that leads into the forest.

On Christmas eve it started to snow and the world has been transformed…


The country lanes are now dusted with snow and it’s been so cold we’ve got frost on top of the snow turning the trees sparkling white in the sunshine. It’s all really quite spectacular and otherwordly.


The almost-noon sun spilling across the snow. Can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this was! And of course the most important member of our family is absolutely loving his new home. Lego kindly agreed to pause his exploration of the forest for a photo op.

P1030924All in all we’re extremely happy in our new home.

Now it’s time to learn some Svenska and get back into writing.

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