WIPmarathon Check-in No. 8

September. Another month done and dusted. This year is flying by! I spent most of this month embroiled in revisions and not doing much new writing but here are the stats…

Last report WC for Scardust: 60, 392

Current report WC for Scardust:  63, 338

Writing Issues This Month:

Not too many. I was really nervous about getting beta feedback on this novel, but the comments I received were wonderfully positive and constructive, which helped me make Scardust a much better book. Thank you so much to my beta readers, one of whom is a #wipmarathoner!

Four things I learned this month in writing:

1. Beta feedback is invaluable. Diverse beta feedback is even better, but take the feedback from whence it comes so you know how best to apply it, or if it even applies at all to your genre and target audience.

2. Write to your strengths, but don’t ignore your weaknesses. Each new work is a chance to improve your craft.

3. Not really something I didn’t already know, but this month’s revisions just reaffirmed the fact that I love revising and editing far more than writing from scratch.

4. I’m drawing a blank here, so let’s leave it at three for this month.

What distracted me this month while writing:

White Collar. I have been totally obsessed with and addicted to that series, and managed to watch all five seasons within three weeks. Yeah, not much sleep happened. But I’m calling it ‘research,’ a study of characterisation and ‘unlikely duo’ relationship dynamics to make myself feel better about the obscene amounts of time I spent watching this show.

Goal for next month: Write the short story I should’ve already written for an anthology. Beta read for two author friends. Stop obsessing over the fact that Scardust is now with my agent as I eagerly await her feedback.

Last 200 words: Not wanting to risk spoilers I present instead the happy dance I did upon completing revisions and sending this ms off to my agent… courtesy of Neal Caffrey of course 😉


And that’s it for September. How did you do?

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