WIPMarathon Check-in No. 8

Urgh not a good week for writing, and only one week left to go of the marathon…

Last Word Count: 26, 858

Current WC + CC (or SC): 28, 524 + 1600 words of a short story – dismal!

WIP Issues this week:

Short story woes. I’ve got a deadline for this short and it’s on an awesome theme but it’s like I’ve forgotten how to write short stories and every idea I come up with morphs into a novel idea that I don’t know how to turn into a short. I’m also trying for a more lyrical voice with the short and it feels forced. Gah. It’s been a rubbish week!

What I learnt this week in writing:

Novels are infinitely easier to write than short stories. Also, immersing so completely in a character and certain world makes it impossible to emerge from that and work a story with a different voice. I just can’t. Right now, I’m Raleigh Williams and even think in a Texan accent – which doesn’t work for the short story I’m trying to write.

What distracted me this week while writing:

I had a library event on Tuesday (which was awesome!) and spent the writing time I did have this week stressing over and fumbling about with the short story. I actually only worked on this WIP yesterday. *sulk*

Last 200 words: We’re getting into serious spoiler territory here, so I can only give the final 94 words I wrote, the end of a seen between Raleigh and Crow…

His kiss is a solar flare burning me up inside and out. I don’t deserve this, but I open my mouth to his, running my hands across the keloid landscape of his back and chest as he knots his fingers in my hair. If we shuffled two feet to the left, we’d drop into the canyon and drop off the face of the earth. For a moment I’m tempted to end life on a high with Crow’s lips on mine and our bodies pressed together so tight it’ll take a prybar to pull us apart.

I’ve still got two weeks (only two weeks!!) left to write the short story so I’m going to ignore it for a while and hope divine inspiration strikes while I work on this WIP because all I want to write about right now is Raleigh and Crow 🙂 I’m rather infatuated with the both of them. As part of my commitment to this WIP, I’ve decided to make the Pinterest board public. I don’t usually do this with incomplete novels, but this is one story I have to finish, so if you want to see how I imagine Raleigh and Crow, you’re welcome to take a look.

How did your writing week go?

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