Interview with Teen Author Kirsten A. Everett

Today I’m delighted to welcome teen author Kirsten A. Everett to Off the Page, chatting about her latest books Eclipse Child and Escaping Extinction.










KristenTell us a little about yourself, who is Kirsten Everett?

Kirsten Everett is a South African teenager who is determined to make a difference. As she is talented at writing she uses it to spread her message throughout the world. Though she loves reading and writing, she also blogs and loves spending time with her family and friends.

When and why did you start writing?

I started writing when I was 9. Back then it was just stories that were a few pages long. Everyone has a passion and mine just happens to be writing. It’s an activity where I can use up all of my words and creativity by creating something that is worth reading.

You live in South Africa, do you think this has influenced your writing at all?

Yes. South Africa is not only an extremely inspiring place but also a country that is unique. If I wasn’t living in SA then I’m not sure I would have been as motivated to save the rhinos. As, South Africa contains at least 93% of Africa’s rhinos we need everyone’s help to save them. That’s why I wrote Eclipse Child and Escaping Extinction, to explain to the younger generation (my generation) exactly what’s happening and try to stop the poaching in my own way.

Tell us about Eclipse Child and Escaping Extinction.

The main character is Bethany Clark who is an Eclipse Child – a girl who has the ability to turn invisible, regenerate her cells quickly and has glowing hair. Most of the Eclipse Children are in captivity, including her parents so she is willing to do whatever it takes to rescue her parents and the rhino species. These two books are about her journey to help not only the rhinos but also her own species (all of the Eclipse Children) in Escaping Extinction.

What would you like to do once you finish school? Will you continue writing?

That’s a good question. In grade 3 (when I started writing) I was also asked that question and wrote down that I wanted to be an author. Being the determined girl I am I promised myself I would reach my goal by the age of 16. Since I published my first two books this year before my 15th birthday I reached my goal. As for in the future, I know I’ll never give up writing *pinki promises* , one of the career paths I’ve been considering now is in the United Nations as there I can continue to make a difference. 

Now a few quick questions:

1. Summer or Winter?

Definitely Summer!

2. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

I loved both but I’m crazy about The Hunger Games Trilogy.

3. Ocean or mountains?

That’s a tough one. Probably the ocean though 

4. Black rhinos or white rhinos?

Again that’s a hard one. Hmm. White Rhinos – No idea why.

5. Reading or writing?


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