New Blog Feature: Queries that Worked!

heroQueries are the bane of almost every author’s existence. They are these 2-300 word distillations that must entice, enthrall, hook and excite an agent or editor while providing plot, characterisation and voice.

Writing a query is hard work and there are quite a few sites dedicated to helping authors do just that, by telling them what they’re doing wrong. This is why I’ve decided to approach query writing from the other side, to show aspiring authors the queries that worked, that landed others their agent or a publishing deal.

I’ve already invited a few authors I know personally to participate in this feature but if you’re an author with a successful query and would like to be part of this feature, please email me suzanne (at) suzannevanrooyen (dot) com with your query and a short bio – author pic and book cover optional.

Once I’ve lined up a few authors, I’ll start posting winning queries on Saturdays. Depending on the response I get, I may run one or more queries each week.

I’m hoping this feature will be both inspiring and helpful, proof that the query beast can indeed be defeated!

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