Welcome to My Very Own Book Store



This Week’s Topic: Imagine you get to open your own bookstore. What would it look like? What kinds of books would you sell?

I’m all for space age with this. While I do like the quaint and cosy feel of a more traditional book store where you can smell that unique, antique paper odour, being a huge fan of ebooks, I’d much prefer to own a bookstore where you have a jukebox type system for selecting books. Imagine each book-jukebox being assigned a genre. You scroll through covers and read the blurbs and when you like a book, you can download a free sample to your Kindle/Nook/iPad and then retire to the epic lounge area to commence reading (In my head I imagine androids on roller-skates serving tea and coffee to patrons). I’d sell fiction and specialise in science fiction and fantasy of all subgenres. And, of course, a name is most important. My book store would be called Hidden Worlds.

So maybe something like this but with more of a retro jukebox-ish vibe rather than just boring screen.


What would your bookstore look like?

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