Six Sentence Sunday

The anthology Written in Flesh from Storm Moon Press has just been released. My M/M erotic romance story Helotry is one of four in the anthology. Here’s a six sentence excerpt from that story…

Tréy indulged his hyper-vision with the details of Rontak’s face, following the pattern of ink from temple, down cheek and neck. The ink shimmered; floral serpents slithered beneath the emerald shirt. How could anyone want to hurt this beautiful boy? 

Rontak made no objection as Tréy relieved him of the shirt, revealing the ink as it meandered across chest and belly. Tréy licked the ink, tasted licorice, and followed the trails up and down Rontak’s torso. The boy needed saving, and Tréy would be the one to do it.


And to stimulate your auditory senses, here’s the Song of the Week which also features a man with ink 🙂



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