Six Sentence Sunday and Song of the Week

So in keeping with the tradition of Six Sentence Sunday, I’m sharing six sentences from my robot YA work in progress. This scene features my android protagonist, Quinn. Here’s a song (the song of the week) which sums up his character:

>>Warning! There is some minor nudity in the video, but just close your eyes and listen to the lyrics instead.<<

And now, here are my six sentences:

“I don’t want freckles.”

The sentry bot’s red eyes scan Sal and I, then blink green. It sweeps aside the tent’s flap admitting us into the fumes of singed robot flesh.

“You’re too perfect, too unblemished to be human,” Sal says.

“Then give me scars.” If I was human, I’d be littered with them.


Have you got six sentences to share?

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