Random Thursday: Dave McKean

I haven’t had a blog-tour free Thursday in months! While I do love show-casing other people’s books and hosting author interviews, I’d like to take this break in the regular scheduling to highlight one of my favourite artists. His works have been a consistent source of inspiration throughout my writing career. Of course it certainly helps that he teams up with my all time favourite author Neil Gaiman fairly often. Introducing Dave McKean…

Trying to choose a few artworks to post on the blog was incredibly tough. This one above is featured because it’s one of the many versions of Gaiman’s Morpheus character from The Sandman graphic novels series. McKean’s dust covers for the comics are exquisite examples of mixed media art. I love them all! Here’s another Sandman favourite:

Dave McKean also directed the film version of MirrorMask – a graphic novel written by Neil Gaiman. Of course the artwork in the film is all Dave McKean, surreal, dark and breathtaking. Here’s the trailer. The voice over sort of ruins it but block your ears and just let your eyes feast on the bizarre and beautiful art of the dream world.

Are you a Dave McKean fan?

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