Six Sentence Sunday

This is my first time participating in Six Sentence Sunday. The idea is to share six sentences from any work. So here are my sentences:

These six sentences are taken from my WiP, a YA science fiction novel about kids with superpowers and hordes of zombies. There’s more to it than that of course, so here’s a teaser…

I glower and pick up a stick, decapitating a row of cat-piss fragranced lupini. Abandoning my weapon, I grab handfuls of the blooms and freeze them instead, before crushing them beneath my heels.

I glance at the windows of the trashed house, half expecting an irate little girl to appear in a broken window and shake her fist at me. Funereal silence, not even punctuated by bird song or crickets. This is a place of death, of slow, festering decay that sours the earth. It isn’t a return to dust and ashes for the afflicted but an inexorable wasting away as bones turn to porridge, as skin comes apart like spiderweb and blood vessels turn to ribbons of syrup.

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