RTW: Books and Memories

This Week’s Topic:
What book brings back memories?

As per usual the YA Highway gang have posed a challenging question. There are many books that bring back all kinds of memories for me.  

This was one of my favourite books as a kid. Now when I read it, or even flip through the pages, it brings back a whole bevy of childhood memories, of Mom reading to me at night, of lying on a blanket in the garden surrounded by books. They are warm fuzzy memories and of course, I still absolutely adore this book.


A more recent read that brought back many memories was this story set in Australia. For those who haven’t lived in Australia, you need to know that the graffiti culture there is HUGE! In fact it is such a problem with the youth that buses (at least in Perth) have window protection armour-type metal grates preventing graffiti scratches in the glass. One memorable evening on my way home from work, I watched as two teenage boys tried to duck out of a train away from police who subsequently caught and arrested the kids for inappropriately placed artwork. This story brought back many memories of my life in Australia, from the teenage slang used to the descriptions of the town.


Which books jog your memory?

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