From Love and Pain Author Interview

Today I’m pleased to welcome H. A Caine to my blog, here to talk about her latest work From Love & Pain.

H. A. Caine lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. She has hopes of becoming a great writer and one day opening her own bakery. She even has the name and layout already decided. Among other writing projects she’s working on her very own first series, Boys in Love. The first book, Letting Go, will be available later this year.

She enjoys reading and has a passion for writing. But more than anything, she loves hearing from her readers.

You can find her out and about on the Internet here:

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1. Tell a little about yourself, what you do when you’re not writing, what are your aspirations for the future?
Hi guys. To answer your question, I bake! I bake ALOT!
If I’m not writing, and I’m not reading or sleeping, you can guarantee to find me in the kitchen, a mess on the counters and food bits under my nails.
I hope to open my own bakery one day, hopefully soon. I’m currently enrolled in classes for buisness management and culinary arts.

2. When and why did you start writing?
Writing is something I’ve always done. Writing my own stories happened about two years ago. I always knew I wanted to write but it’s only in the recent years that I actually sat down and started to work on making that happen.
All my life, reading was an escape from reality for me. It was the one place I knew I could go and would always be safe, happy and have a good time. My books are quite literally some of my bestfriends. I would be lost without them.
I wanted to give others the same thing my favorite authors have given to me. An temporary escape and a happy place.

3. Have any particular novels or writers influenced your writing?
Quite a few, actually.
While I’m not a huge fan of the movies, the Twilight Saga was a big kick in the butt to start writing. Anne Cain and Carol Lynne was the starting point for what I wanted to write, what genre and the feel of the stories.
There’s others, certainly. But those are the ones I was reading when I started From Love and Pain.

4. Give us some back story about From Love and Pain, where and when did you write it?
Originally, From Love and Pain was a sweet romance that was full of smut and going nowhere. It wasn’t what I wanted for my debut story and I kicked it. That same night, I had a dream and From Love and Pain came from it. The first scene started it all and it just flowed out of me. Half way through I got stuck and I put the story down for a few months.
When I picked it back up, the rest flew out of me and in three days it was done and being edited.
I never left my bedroom during the entire time I was writing it, I wanted quiet and peace. Usually I wrote at 3 in the morning but it was worth it.

5. What inspired your story?
While it started as a dream, I was also dealing with a few problems(I was facing a few details of my own past. The original title for From Love and Pain was Fought by the Past) among other things. Not all the problems were necessarily mines but they were all issues I felt strongly about and it helped to contribute to the feel of the story. It added the angst and pain while keeping the underlying feeling of hope alive.

6. What was your favorite part of From Love and Pain to write?
The memories. The memories Jaxon has are important to me. They allowed me to show different sides of the characters that otherwise we may not have been able to see.

7. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?
Yes, two.
Letting Go is the first in a new series, my first series, Boys in Love. Its the opposite of From Love and Pain. High school graduates becoming college students, family ties and the meaning of friendship. Make no mistake, this story isn’t going to be all cotton candy and rainbows. With an MC like Tim, that would be impossible. He’s a worrywart and the transition from friends to everything more isn’t going to be easy.
Second Time Around is a short coming at the end of this month and will be free. It’s light and fluffy and oh so cute.

8. Any advice for aspiring authors?
It’s nerve racking to begin but the payoff is the best. I’m not talking about money. I mean hearing from your readers. Even if only one person writes to you, knowing that they enjoyed your work and took the time to tell you, makes it all worthwhile. Do your research beforehand about your genre and promoting and take your time. Do what you can but more than anything, NEVER stop writing. The best way to promote and let your readers know you appreciate them is to give them something else to read.

9. Do you have any tricks to your trade, bottomless coffee, a magic pen, a special muse?
I drank alot of Earl Grey tea. Once in a while a had a BIG mug of coffee.  I always made sure I was comfortable before I started writing, I quickly noticed that if I wasn’t then later I would have to go over what I wrote and almost always I ended up rewriting it.

10. Which fictional character would you like to take to dinner and why?
He’s not a character of mines, but I want to take Edward Scissorhands out. I love him! I don’t know if it was ever a book, but I am addicted to the movie. He’s awesome!


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