April WIPmarathon Check-in

I can’t believe it’s check-in time again! This year is just evaporating! I know it seems like I’m saying that everything month, but seriously – we’re almost half way done with 2016! 0_o

This month was mostly about edits again, but I am absolutely thrilled to have completed the proofread on Obscura Burning *phew* While I do love that story and the characters, I will be extremely glad if I never have to read that book again.

When I wasn’t pushing to meet editing deadlines, I was working on revisions for the fantasy novel and I am even more thrilled to report that those are nearing completion!

Also, I’ve seen the new cover for Obscura Burning and it is stunning!! Cannot wait to share it 🙂

Writing Issues This Month:


None really. The edits required for Obscura Burning went fairly quickly and the revisions of the fantasy are going pretty well too. I realized that by changing the characterization and a lot of the points leading up to the climax, that the Main Event of the story no longer worked so I’ve basically rewritten the entire last quarter of the book.

Things I learned this month:

1. A lot of little changes along the way can add up to some pretty substantial changes by the end.

2. Changes in a character’s personality and development absolutely affect the plot! Can’t force an old plot on fresh characters.

3. I adore writing fantasy! It is so much fun getting to craft an entire world from scratch, letting my imagination run wild and giving the characters and storyline freedom to evolve organically.

4. I abhor writing fantasy! It is so damn difficult crafting an entire world from scratch, making it believable, taking into account history, politics, economics, religion, and more!

What distracted me this month while writing:

The day job as usual, as well as the fact that my husband has been country hopping with his new job so I’ve been alone quite a bit. I think that’s actually helped me to stay focused though and get a lot done.

Goal for next month:

Finish revisions on the fantasy and get that out to beta readers asap.

Last 200 words: I really want to share words, but we’re deep in spoiler territory so once again I’ll have to pass…

That’s it for April, how did you do?

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  • Amy McNulty

    Good job getting all those revisions done! I sometimes feel like revisions take up more time even though we’re writing fewer words.

    • Thanks! And definitely! The restructuring is very time consuming.

  • Emma Adams

    I can’t wait to see your new cover! Great job getting all those edits finished.