WIPmarathon Check-in No. 18

July has been a weird month. It seemed to go so slowly and yet I can’t believe it’s almost over. Since I’ve been on summer holiday, I actually managed to get a pretty decent amount of writing done.

Last report WC for YA fantasy: 83,414

Current report WC for YA fantasy: 84, 615

Writing Issues This Month:

None really. I got stuck into the edits for Scardust at the beginning of the month and I managed to get them done a little ahead of schedule which gave me the rest of the month to tackle revisions on the YA fantasy. The fantasy is definitely not perfect yet, but edits for Scardust are back with my editors and the revised fantasy ms is now with my CPs so I don’t really know what to do with myself at the moment…

Things I learned this month:

1. Something I knew already, but editing is my favourite part of this process. While working through Scardust was emotionally draining, I also loved it because the book is definitely much better for the changes made.

2. Fantasy is hard! Every time I return to work on my ms, I realize how important all the details are and that getting those little details right require quite a bit of research.

3. Sometimes a lack of decent summer weather isn’t a bad thing if it means I stay inside and write 🙂

What distracted me this month while writing:

I guess technically edits distracted me from doing any actual writing, and technically revising the fantasy novel completely derailed my plans for writing the short story that’s due in August.

Goal for next month:

Write that short story I should’ve already written! August is also when I’ll be heading back to work and I know that’s going to be chaotic and intense at first, so I’m no putting any pressure on myself to get much writing done.

Last 200 words: I’m dying to share some of the more polished scenes from Scardust but I can’t yet and the last 200 words from the fantasy are way too spoilery so I’ll just have to skip this part this time…

That’s it for July, how did you do?

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  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Fantasy is hard, and requires lots of itsy-bitsy research. But you’re almost nearing the end of your WIP and that’s awesome!

    Seems your editor is pleased with your edits from what I got on Instagram, so congrats!
    It’s so hot here in Atlanta and I don’t mind exchanging temperatures 😉

    Hope you’ll be able to manage work and writing next month. xoxo!

  • Emma Adams

    Yay for finishing edits! 🙂

    I’ve been hiding from the rain in my editing cave all week. 😛

    I always have lines I want to share, but can’t because of spoilers. They’re usually my favourites, too.

    • Yay indeed!

      Hah – me too pretty much 😉

      Cannot wait until my editor gives me the go ahead to share teasers!! 😀

  • Krystal Jane

    Hasn’t this month been weird? It’s been like the slowest month ever, but today I was like, “Next month is August!”

    Yay, Scardust!! ^_^
    I found fantasy to be pretty hard as well. As soon as you think you’ve covered everything, you realize something else is making no sense whatsoever. All those details are important, but it’s like more important in fantasy!

    Sounds like next month is going to be busy for you! Best wishes in tackling everything!

  • Jess Harvey

    Good work on edits all-around! I’m starting to see how editing is better, or at least somewhat more fun, than writing the manuscripts themselves. Good luck next month, and I can’t wait to read your MS!