WIPmarathon Check-in No. 17

Geez, where did June go? The first couple of weeks were pretty intense as we wrapped up the school year. The rest of the month has been delightfully chilled and filled with writing. My final days of June will be spent at Archipelacon in the company of George R R Martin amongst others, but I’m totally okay with spending the next four days away from my PC because the WIP is finished!

Last report WC for YA fantasy: 68, 000

Current report WC for YA fantasy: 83,414! Done!

Writing Issues This Month:

Nothing really. After re-outlining and getting into the groove with my beat sheet, it was a sprint to the finish that took surprisingly less time than anticipated. All in all, a good month for writing.

Things I learned this month:

1. I can write fantasy. Not only that I can write it, but I really really enjoy it. Granted this is more science fantasy but being my first foray in fantasy, I’m quite happy without the result despite all my misgivings at the start.

2. The real world is complex. The fantasy world needs to be just as complex. World-building is a huge undertaking and it’s going to take me a revision or two to refine the way my world works but I’m having so much fun with it!

3. I’ll never stop learning new things about craft. I’ve been watching Brandon Sanderson lectures on writing – thanks again Emma – and they’ve reaffirmed certain things I know while providing a fresh perspective, as well as provided much needed insight on things I didn’t know I needed to know.

4. Finishing a draft always has me simultaneously feeling elated and depressed. I’m always sad to finish a story, to bring the characters’ journey to a close, while I’m also super ecstatic to be done with the darn thing! Not that I’ll be away from these characters for long considering the amount of revisions this novel is undoubtedly going to need.

What distracted me this month while writing:

I received edits for Scardust on my first day of holiday when I still had three chapters left to write on the WIP. Usually, I dive straight into edits and shove everything else aside, but this time, I shoved edits aside to finish the WIP and it was a very smart move *self-five* Now, when I get back in July from Archipelacon, I can get stuck into edits without having a fantasy hangover.

Goal for next month:

Edits, edits, all the edits. My first pass edits of Scardust are due back by the end of July so that’s pretty much all I’ll have time for next month. It’s also all I want to work on.

Last 200 words: No way! It’s the end after all, so instead here are the top ranking first lines from a little ’10 first lines’ game thingie I posted on Facebook. Let me know which of these you like best, because that’ll be the next WIP 🙂

1) They say a man died here, hung from the thickest branch when the leaves were the color of blood. They say that when the wind blows through the fireoaks, it whispers the names of the dead. I’m listening to the wind now, but the only name I hear is my own.

2) His scars are staves, waiting for me to fill them with music.

3) My brother twitches in his sleep and bursts into flame.

4) The scent of magic hung in the air, peppery and sneeze-inducing. Once again my allergies were going to get us busted.

5) With the gentle strokes of a brush, I am pulled from nothing and made real upon a stretched canvas in shades of viridian and raw umber.

That’s it for June, how did you do?

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  • Emma Adams

    Yay for finishing a draft, especially in a new genre! Worldbuilding is my favourite part of writing fantasy.

    I can definitely relate to the elated/depressed end-of-draft feeling, but it’s great that you get to jump back into Scardust edits now!

    I’m intrigued by those opening lines. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but the first one sounds like an interesting story!

    Have fun at the convention! 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I’m also realizing just how much work this draft needs which is kinda exciting actually because I know it has potential – ut first priority is definitely Scardust 🙂

      Yay, I’m glad you like the first one!

  • Krystal Jane

    Congratulations on another draft down! YAY!
    Enjoy the heck out of the rest of your convention! So freaking cool.

    I totally feel your number 4!! There is always this strange limbo between drafts and stories.

    Ooh, shiny sentences! Number one, number one!!! Sounds ominous. ^_^

    • Thank you! And I am 😉 It’s been awesome

      Haha, another vote for number 1 – interesting. Ominous is definitely the word – thank you!

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Congrats on all the words you wrote this month!

    Hmmm I’m torn between the 3rd and 4th opening lines! They are quite both catchy and hard to decide! (sorry, this isn’t helpful). But I’ll probably choose the 4th mostly because I can sense the immediate danger.

    Glad you’re doing well with fantasy, even with all the complexities of plotting your story’s world. I try to remind myself that whenever I get back to writing, to also remember that characters are not black or white, but tint them with all shades of grey.

    Good luck with your edits next month!

    • Thank you!

      Yay that you like the 4th one! 🙂

      Thank you – about to dive into edits right now!