#WritingWednesdays is a weekly blog hop/meme where we writers tell the world how all the writerly things are going. It’s a way for us to self-motivate and cheer each other on.

Here’s what’s been happening this week for me:

1. The WIP is sort of back on track. I’d kinda lost interest and enthusiasm for this work so I started rereading from the beginning and discovered it wasn’t nearly as awful as I imagined. So, having renewed my love this for YA fantasy involving African gods and monsters, I am now at 63k words with my eye firmly set on the end, a mere 10k words or so away.

2. As usual whenever I head into the last part of a draft, I have been besieged by Shiny New Ideas and the voices won’t shut up so now I’m outlining an SNI while drafting the WIP. My brain hurts. At least they’re very different novels.

And that’s pretty much where I am this week. Goal for next Wednesday is to finish the read through of the WIP, fix what I know is broken and make it to 65k at least. I may also start penning some scenes for the SNI just to get to know my characters.

How has your writerly week been going?

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  • Jess Harvey

    A YA involving African gods and monsters. I am SO there! Can’t wait to hear more about this 🙂 And 10k is so close! I’m glad you were above to find your love for this WIP again. I hate when that love kinda dies down. It’s kept me from going back to ideas that I think would be really awesome, so I’m inspired by seeing you come back to this WIP. And you have much more control than I do. Instead of outlining my SNI while editing, I wrote it… *bad writer*.

    • Yay!! 😀

      Yeah, for me it’s always about getting back to the essence of the story and why I wanted to tell this story. Now that’s kinda become my logline and is keeping me inspired 🙂

      Lol! Well, this SNI is definitely pulling at me but I’m going to let it percolate while I finish this draft.

  • Emma Adams

    I’m at the same stage with my draft, too (except I haven’t dared read back over it to see where all the problems are yet…). Best of luck with that and the new shiny! 😀

  • Vincent Anthony

    A YA with African Gods? That sounds epic! That’s right up my alley for sure. Good luck with reaching your goal! It seems we all have dreams of manuscripts in the 60Ks.

    • 🙂 Hope so! Thank you – gonna keep plugging away at it this week and see what happens!