Book Boyfriend of the Week


This is a meme hosted by Reading and Things for bloggers to talk about their boyfriends and tease the readers with things they’ve said. Because every girl loves talking about her book boyfriend!

Want to participate?

All you have to do is:

1) Pick a book boyfriend, it can be from the book your currently reading or from one you’ve already read.

2) Write what kind of boyfriend he is, and if you want, say why you think that

3) Pick a quote from his book, it could be long or short, that proves he is the kind of boyfriend you said he is

4) Make sure the quote, and the explanation, DO NOT give away anything from the book (we want all of the twists and plot surprises to remain surprises)

5) Share it! And shout it out using the hashtag #ReadingandThings

6) Grab the button and banner for your blog

Book Boyfriend of the Week:

My book boyfriend this week is…


from CODA by Emma Trevayne.

He’s mostly sweet, and quite romantic. He’s a musician and I’m a sucker for musicians, especially the philosophical kind.

This quote doesn’t really say much about Anthem the boyfriend, but it says a lot about how he sees the world and his deeper emotional core.

“We’ve lost so much. We might lose more. But for now I can sit here, under the trees and sky, and pull music from the strings.”


Who is your book boyfriend?

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