TopTenTuesday: Romances


This week’s topic is to list your top ten romance reads. Since I’m not a huge fan of romance, I’m going to cheat a little…

So my Top Not-Quite-Ten Tuesday theme is: Top SF/F Romances


A wonderful love story about a girl from a traditional family and the strange boy she finds living on an island. There’s a touch of the mythical and the magical in this. I read this years ago, but find myself still thinking about these characters and the love they shared.


Never would’ve thought that a love story between a girl and her zombie would resonate with me the way the romance in this book did. Definitely the best book I read in 2012 and a novel that will stay with me for years.

The Scorpio Races

Stoic boys and horses and a touch of magic? Swoon. Sean Kendrick took my breath away just as he did Puck’s in the novel. Loved this book and loved the quiet romance between the two main characters. Definitely need to reread this one.

TempestThe driving force behind this time travel novel is the love of a boy for his girl. Usually, romance focuses on the love the girl feels for the guy but this story turned that trope on its head and had the guy doing everything he could for the girl he loved.


AnnaCouldn’t mention romance in genre fiction without thinking of this book featuring a Dean Winchester type ghost hunting boy and a blood drenched Finnish spectre.

And last but definitely not least is actually not a science fiction or fantasy novel at all. However, the love story in this book is one that shocked, surprised and delighted me…

SavagesMeet Ophelia, aka ‘O’, and her two lovers, Ben and Chon. Polyamory is not often explored in non-erotic/romance fiction. I found it totally unexpected and refreshing to find such a content and loving threesome involving two guys¬†sharing one girl. This is a relationship dynamic I would love to see more of in literature because it really showed the more vulnerable side of these tough guys while exploring the various forms love can take.

What are your favourite romance novels?

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