Medusa’s Desire – Author Interview

Today I’m pleased to welcome E.B Black to Off the Page to talk about her new book Medusa’s Desire. (Please note that this is NOT YA!)
E.B. Black lives in SoCal with her loved ones and two rottweilers. She spends her time daydreaming about dressing up like a necromancer for Halloween and what fantasy worlds she’ll throw her characters into next.

1. Tell a little about yourself, what you do when you’re not writing, what are your aspirations for the future?

These days, I don’t get much time off of writing, but when I do, I like to spend time with my family, friends, boyfriend, and dogs. Writers get lost in their worlds and spend large amounts of time by themselves. Every once in awhile, we need to interact with people again.

2. When and why did you start writing?

I’ve always loved to daydream. I wrote off and on for many years of my life, but one day, I decided it would be fun to type out my daydreams. I learned to finish a book, you actually have to write every day, so I committed to it and haven’t stopped since.

3. If you could only read one book over and over again for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My answer changes every time I get asked this question, I think, but today, it would be this giant blue book my mother owned and used to read to me as a child. I have no idea what it was called, but it had every fairytale you could think of in it, including Snow White and the Wizard of Oz. It also had these cute poems about animal crackers and gum drop trees that I loved.

It was gigantic. It could have been used as a door stop.

I still am a kid at heart in some ways, which is why I love to write fantasy.

4. Give us some back story about Medusa’s Desire, where and when did you write it?

The story takes place in Ancient Greece. In my story, the greek gods are real.

5. What inspired your story?

When I was a child, Medusa terrified me. I thought that she might be real and that when she turned people into stone, she trapped their souls inside of them.

I grew-up, found out the real story. She’s a misunderstood monster and I wanted to get to know her better by writing about her.

6. What was your favorite part of Medusa’s Desire to write?

The scene where Medusa and Perseus first meet. It’s very sweet and very steamy at the same time.

7. Your book’s going to be made into a movie, who would you cast in the main roles?

Angelina Jolie would be Medusa.

Chris Hemsworth would be Perseus. (Yup, E.B good choice! Just look at that chiseled jaw!)

Beyonce would be Andromeda.

I’m not sure why, but those are the first people who came to my mind! I might change my mind later.

8. Are you a Pantser or Plotter? Why?

I’ve done a lot of both. Sometimes I just want to write without thinking about it a lot first. Other times, the world building is too complicated, especially with fantasy novels, for me not to plan all the details ahead of time.

Planning let’s you avoid many plot holes you might otherwise run in to and do less re-writing, but plotting let’s you get to know the characters more spontaneously. They usually run the plot more if you don’t plan ahead of time.

9. Do you have any tricks to your trade, bottomless coffee, a magic pen, a special muse?

I write even when I don’t necessarily like what is coming out. Eventually, I’ll re-write it and make it much better. There are bad days and scenes during the writing process and you just have to force your way through those days or you’ll never finish anything that you’re working on.

10. If you could be any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why?

Right now, it would be Emma from Once Upon A Time because it would be fun to live with all those fantasy characters!
When Medusa transformed into a monster, she thought she would never be in love again. All the people she met became statues. Even when she hid her gaze from them, the snakes on her head would bite and kill.

Perseus was sent by the gods to chop off her head, but is stunned by her instead. She’s not like any other woman he’s ever met. Something about her makes his heart beat faster. He’ll fight to win her love, even if he has to defeat the gods to do it.

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