Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Edition

This week’s topic from The Broke and the Bookish┬áis your top ten books to get you in the mood for Halloween. Not sure I’ve got ten but here we go…

  1. Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite – vampires, blood, witches – perfect Halloween combo.
  2. Complete works by Edgar Allen Poe – no Halloween would be complete without these sinister stories of horror, terror and grisly death
  3. Complete works by HP Lovecraft – monsters and other creepy creatures, Lovecraft was a master of his art
  4. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake – this book creeped me out and comes complete with a Finnish demon/ghost. Perfect!
  5. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice – just about all of these books have a liberal dose of horror, blood and nastiness perfect for Halloween

I think that might be it. I don’t read that much horror and my recent reads have been science fiction so I’m struggling to come up with this list. Here are some movies/series fit for Halloween:

  1. Event Horizon – seriously creepy, terrifying science fiction
  2. The Cabin in the Woods – Joss Whedon, ’nuff said!
  3. Angel TV series – also Joss Whedon, a marathon session of Angel would be perfect for Halloween
  4. Vampire Diaries TV series – vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and hybrid monsters. What more do you need?
  5. Fright Night – because it’s Colin Farrel playing a vampire and as creepy and scary as this movie is, it’s also hysterically funny!

What are your Halloween favourites?

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