RTW: Required Reading

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Back to school time! What’s your favorite book that you had to read for a class?

It’s been eight years since I left high school and I honestly don’t remember all my required reading. Two books I do remember and thoroughly enjoyed reading:

I think I read this in Grade 8, not sure – might have been in primary school. But I remember this story and the tension in my shoulders while I read it. It’s a fantastic story, really poignant as you would expect from the title. I’m not usually into historical novels but I really loved this story. Think it may be time to reread.


Now this book I remember in detail as it was my matric set work. I loved the post modern approach in this book, the self-awareness of the main character and the major themes of the story. Innocence really is that fragile and a misunderstanding can have dire consequences. This isn’t the easiest book to read but I highly recommend the book over the movie (I liked the film but it just doesn’t do the book justice). I think this is bound to be considered a classic one day. Another historical novel hah! Perhaps I do actually enjoy this genre.

What is your favourite required read?

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