Random Filler Thursday

I spend a lot of time trawling through the galleries of DeviantART and have frequently discovered the most unusual and moving pieces of art there. The piece below is one I found during a moment if boredom spent scanning through the archives:

Firstly, this one done in plain old biro (ballpoint pen) which just boggles my mind because of the attention to detail and the delicacy of the shading achieved in this drawing. Secondly, this work is simple. Nothing florid or over the top, clean lines and subtlety. That’s what makes this piece so emotionally devastating. That down-turned mouth and clutching arms says it all and reminds me just how very fragile human beings are. I love this piece of art for its simplicity and simultaneous ability to communicate more complicated themes. Hats off to Nightshadevalentine for creating this fantastic artwork. I just can’t seem to stop looking at it, imagining what might have happened between these two souls, and what might happen now…

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