Road Trip Wednesday: Title Your Memoir

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This Week’s Topic: NAME THIS LIFE: What would your memoir be called?

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a memoir, but I think I need to survive another couple of decades before making any serious attempt at it. Hopefully, I’ll also do something more interesting with my life in that time that would make people want to read my memoir. As far as titles go, since I’m a musician and have dedicated most of my life to music in multiple forms, the title would have to be music related.

I like, Da Capo Al Fine (from the beginning to the end) – a common musical term and a rather succinct way of getting the memoir idea across.

Fermata (pause) – might also work.

But since I draw so much inspiration from music, perhaps a more fitting title would be something borrowed from the music that made up the soundtrack of my life.

Dream Obscene – a line from Placebo’s song Special Needs. This song really was the anthem of my life for a significant period of time.

If I could borrow any title from any song perhaps it would then be the more obscure prog rock band Explosions in the Sky from whom I’d take my title:

Remember Me as a Time of Day – is one of their songs used in the TV series Friday Night Lights, and I think it would make a poignant memoir title.

So there’s my answer. If I wrote my memoir, I’d call it:
Remember Me as a Time of Day

What would you call your memoir?



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